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New restaurant on Wilshire and 13th in SaMo?

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Any word on this place? I can't recall the name so I can't run a search...Thanks!

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  1. Well...to be precise, it's between 12th and 11th on Wilshire on the north side of the street. Their website is http://www.rusticcanyonwinebar.com/

    I walked in the other night (live 2 blocks away) with a friend and we sat at a nice little table in the bar area and had a very tasty prosecco concoction made with pomegranate juice (they have a whole card full of these as well as an extensive wine list) and shared a middle eastern salad plate (or whatever they called it on the menu). It was great. I want to go back very soon. My only misgiving is their menu is quite limited at this point, but they just opened about 10 days ago.

    1. I also gave it a try, though last week, and found it to be very enjoyable. I do agree with some other posters regarding it being a bit "pricey."
      The wine list is small but interesting.
      Nice bread w/ tapanade (sp?).
      I just had a salad, good portion but, $$$.
      The staff was great. EVERYBODY was trying very hard to make the place work.

      If your looking for a deal, skip it. But if you've got the spare change (at this time of year) it's a nice addition to the neighborhood.

      As a side note: I wasn't there w/ my chowpup but I saw a guy there with his, and the 'pup (VERY well-behaved) seemed QUITE welcome !

      There was the cutest staff - 'pup "goodbye."