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Dec 19, 2006 11:31 PM

Where to eat in Vancouver??? For an Aussie

We are leaving Sydney on Sunday, heading up to Vancouver, wondering where the locals like to dine, we are going to "Salmon House On The Hill" for one night. Staying in town, appreciate recomendations.
If you are heading to Sydney let me know and I will be pleased to give some Sydney recomendations depending on where you stay.
Merry Christmas.

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  1. Peter from Oz:

    I am not from Vancouver but there are a lot of good restaurants in the city.

    Funny...well sort of...that your first dinner is at the Salmon House On The Hill. We went years and years ago while visiting friends in North Vancouver. I quite enjoyed it although I think it generally gets "panned" as a a tourist trap and you rarely hear it mentioned.

    I hope your meal turns out well. I do recollect some terrific alder smoked salmon and a better than usual wine list dominated by hard to find Cdn labels. Outstanding view as well.

    Enjoy your visit.

    1. Another non-Vancouverite answering! I'm sure we'll hear from Vancouver soon.

      It depends where you are staying and what price range.

      In the West End I can vouch for Raincity Grill for upscale food in a good location.

      People on the board talk highly of West and Guu. The first is fine dining and the 2nd Japanese small dishes in a loud atmosphere.

      I noticed on my last visit there is a proliferation of Japanese restaurants.

      Granville Island market is fun as is Chinatown.

      1. Don't leave Vancouver without trying Vij's. It's a contemporary Indian restaurant in the South Granville area.
        Lift is another very nice, contemporary Canadian restaurant with a teriffic location, and view. It's right on the water on Coal Harbor, quite near Stanley Park.

        1. Depends on your budget but for high, and I mean pretty high, West can't be beat. Cioppinos is very good high end Italian.I second the vote for Vij's. Unique and fun. No reservations but they feed you while you wait so the time passes quickly.

          I still like Chambar as a great hangout relatively inexpensive room. And for a another fairly unique experience try Sanafir which is middle eastern/med tapas in a very groovy room

          Salmon house on the hill a bit ho hum.

          1. Have to agree with all the rec's for West. I think best food in town; however your pocketbook will be much the lighter for it. Also would 2nd the rec for Vij’s. The lamb popsicles are a staple, and alone are worth the visit. Also try the ginger lemonade.

            Other 'traditional' have to's in my book would be Bishop's (again warm up the VISA) and for seafood I would pick the Cannery or C over Salmon House.

            I am not such a fan of Chambar, solid but there are better brasseries, although they do have hoegarten (spelling) on tap.

            One last rec would be Feenie's, have a burger (maybe not ‘west coast’ I know) that has foie gras that I love and consistently is rated (although debatably) best in town.

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            1. re: squeegeeboy

              I agree- West and VIJs. And Bishop's. And don't forget the din sum in Vancouve/Richmond which rivals Hong Kong's