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Dec 19, 2006 11:25 PM

SEA: Qube

Visited this place with a coworker today for lunch, and enjoyed it.
The space is kinda spare and chic, but not to an outrageous degree. The attached lounge actually looks like a quite comfortable place to enjoy a post-work cocktail.

They were very accomodating about letting us do some mixing and matching among the 3-course meals listed on the lunch menu. I thought that the salmon tartare and the ground beef keftah were outstanding. The duck crepes were good, but not remarkable. The creme brulee was very near my local CB standard-bearer, Etta's.

Service was a bit balky, but still earnest and pleasant.

They'll see me again.

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  1. I walked past Qube on Monday night and wondered about it, so thanks for the review, very timely, Mr. not the bad Steve. Let us know if you go back and try different dishes, there certainly are a lot of them posted on the website dinner menu. On a cold, dark winter night, the luminescent interior of the place makes it look almost too cool for school, or for the likes of plain Olympia Jane, but since I am in the area often, I may try it and report back. Their dinner menu looks outrageously ambitious! I must say, it did look rather cold inside - was it? Or was it just the lime lighting? Seriously, the place has lime light. Maybe if I eat there my theatrical cool quotient will go up a notch or two? One can hope.

    By the way, I remember the PNW Chowhound board incident years ago when you established your Chowhound moniker as "Not the Bad Steve", to distinguish yourself from the outrageously ill-mannered Steve who posted at the time. I always wondered if that Steve ever re-surfaced, but I don't recall any more postings from him - do you? It is very funny that your name stuck from a one off! I always think of it when I see you post - and you do stay true to your name, fortunately for all of us. Cheers to you this season!

    1. Come to think of it, it was a bit chilly at lunch--bring a sweater! Didn't notice the colored lighting with all of the natural light available at lunchtime.

      Thanks for your good wishes.

      1. We went to Qube last night and requested a 9-course chef tasting menu. The menu says they offer a 5-course one for $65, so I am not sure why they charged us $150. Especially since places like Union, Veil, Rovers only charged $125 for an equal number of courses. The food presentations were beautiful, but the taste was average at best. We requested no squab when we were making arrangements a week prior, but we were given squab. Not a problem since one of us loves squab. The best dish was the steak frites. Not because of the steak, since this was also average at best. But the truffle fries were amazing. The staff and service was impeccable and very friendly. I would probably come back to order off the menu, but I would not recommend the tasting menu.

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        1. re: lostinseattle

          You ordered a 9-course tasting menu and didn't ask the price?

        2. A friend of mine tried the 9 course with a group and said he left feeling "ripped off"...and he's normally not averse at all to blowing big bucks if the food is exceptional...he said he wouldn't be going back

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          1. re: barleywino

            Went back to Qube to see whether things have changed. THe salmon pillow was composed largely of the dry (brown) end pieces of the cured salmon. The "Kobe-style" flatiron steak was very gristly, could have gotten a better steak for half the price (during lunch) at Maximiliens. Not sure how a restaurant with such a promising pedigree could turn out food like this. Service was very good. Probably a decent place for drinks.

          2. I tried this place again and it has gotten worse. The place seems to have so much potential in terms of space, design and service. But the food is just lacking. They try to be creative, but it fails in taste and preparation (meat and fish is dry). I really recommend that the owners sit down with the chef and taste each item on the menu. For the prices they are charging, you should expect nothing less than spectacular. Also, I don't believe I am the only person who feels this way since it was empty at 8pm on a Friday night. I feel for the hardworking wait staff who has to suffer loss income because no one wants to eat here.

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            1. re: junglejim

              you need to calm down & breathe. This is one of the most creative, interesting, satisfying restaurant experiences in Seattle.

              1. re: staffstuff

                Please tell me you're kidding. On another food board I posted my prediction that Qube will be closed by October. There is no way a place can survive with such a horrible vibe and putting out such horrible food. It may have been better when it first opened, but it's really bad now.

                1. re: Lauren

                  I'm with you, Lauren. The food and atmosphere were sorely disappointing. The only (relative) bright spot was the bar/lounge area; the rest of the place is poorly conceived and executed.