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Dec 19, 2006 11:13 PM

Office Holiday Gifts?

Looking to send out nice gift baskets. Tired of Harry & David, hate Snookies Cookies. Sent out Dean & Deluca gift sets last year. Are there any other places I should check out that delivers in the LA area?

Thank you!

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  1. We've been getting a lot of baskets from City Bakery at our office. Make sure to have them put in the pretzel rolls as just cookies are kind of rich. They're certainly an improvement over the horrible Snookie's and Mrs. Beasley's.
    Also Beverly Hills Cheese Store makes amazing baskets -- the best I can remember getting at the office.

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      second City Bakery. i was in NYC last month, and my cousin took me here. It's good eats.

    2. There are many national purveyors of mail/web order food that deliver all over the country, which includues Harry & David and Dean & DeLuca which you mention. So if your criteria is just "will deliver to L.A. area" you might want to post a query on the General Topics board, where web/mail order is frequently discussed.

      1. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for caramel apples or chocolate strawberries...yum!

        1. Most of the mail order sources are pretty terrible. I would be pleased to get gifts from Clementine, Joan's on Third, K Chocolotier, L Artisan du' Chocolate, cheese store, or interesting wine or booze.

          Hell--I'll take meat from Harvey Guss too.

          1. Beverly Hills Cheese Store. I can't imagine anything better than getting one of those. I might just give one of those to myself. It'll make me feel popular.