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What to order at Nook Bistro

I am going to Nook Bistro tomorrow - what are their must have menu items?

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  1. I like the chicken paillard and the rib-eye with crispy onions over sauteed apples

    1. The braised short ribs are very good. Not quite fall off the bone tender, but still tender and very tasty. Comes with mashed potatoes and some type of vegatables.

      I've also had the hamburger and that's pretty good. Comes with shoestring fries.

      1. Don't miss the savory bread pudding. Just about the only thing I like there.

        1. I have to say the pork chop is the best I have ever had.

          Bold statement.

          Could have been the mood I was in, the perfect "doneness" for me, etc... I don't know. But I didn't think a pork chop could taste as good as the one I had there did.

          For a point of reference - We also had the squash and chickpea stew and thought it was just ok (fairly bland) and the bread pudding was a good idea and tasty, but not meant for two people (very rich). Don't get me wrong... it was good though.

          All overshadowed by the pork.

          1. On a day like this (chilly and cold), get the Mac N Cheese and whatever daily soup they are offering.

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              I agree. The mac & cheese is great at Nook

            2. Depends on what you like. . . fish, veggies, meat, etc. I love the brown rice bowl with tofu...mmmm....as well as their lentil soup, and the ceasar salad. And the crab cakes are wonderful. My SO is a huge fan of their burger. Everything I've had there has been incredible.

              1. Another vote for the caesar salad - I love the fried capers! And, at least at lunch, you can get the caesar salad and mac and cheese for $9. It's a great lunch.

                1. In addition to some of the foregoing, I also like the mussels as an appetizer and the shrimp & grits main course.

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                  1. If you see the arctic char on the menu, I highly recommend--it's fantastic no matter how they prepare it! I feel like I've had it two different ways there, but I could just be imagining that since it tasted so fresh and exciting the second time...

                    1. If you're in the mood for soup, their lentil soup with feta, which is a standard menu item both lunch and dinner, is probably the best lentil soup I've ever had.

                      1. The chef is from the South and rightfully famous for his shrimp and grits. Amazing.