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Dec 19, 2006 10:03 PM

cheese and foie gras in Santa Barbara

Where is a good place to pickup duck or goose FG and a good selection of cheese for new years?

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  1. C'est Cheese is my favorite place for cheese in Santa Barbara.

    Sorry, can't help you with the foie.

    1. Second "C'est Cheese" for a huge array of fresh cheeses, right next to the wonderful bakery "Our Daily Bread on the 800 block of Santa Barbara Street near the corner of Canon Perdido.

      Tri-Counties Produce on Milpas Street near the corner of Calle Cesar Chavez close to the beach also has some interesting cheeses and spreads as well as excellent other speciality products.

      Via Maestra 42 out on outer State Street near Las Positas carries many Italian cheeses and fresh deli items.

      Do try the ciabatta loaves and rolls for an excellent treat at our Daily Bread. Also don't know where you can buy fresh or tinned foie gras but surely there must be someplace in Santa Barbara or Montecito. C'est Cheese would be the place to ask because they do have other pates I do believe.

      There is also a good butcher in Summerland who makes fresh sausages and who may know where to find fresh fois gras because most of the top SB restaurants always include it on their appetiser menus so it does come into town - in volume.

      Also if you are looking for something to spread on those ciabatta rolls, the fine grained duck liver pate at Trader Joes is delicious - particularly if you lightly toast the ciabatta and spread a little butter on the rolls first, then the pate and serve with a few Trader Joe cornichons.

      1. How is Metropulos on Yanonali?

        Would Lazy Acres have foie gras?

        Where is Our Daily Bread?

        I know the Summerland MArket husband grew up there, and within recent memory had his family name listed in the old credit book, which was a battered notebook with local names and tallied tabs!

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        1. re: Diana

          I think I saw in the newsleter that C'est Cheese carries foie gras pates for the holiday.

          It seems like I have seen some also at Meropulos.

        2. Anyone been to the new international market on Hollister in Goleta? I think it is in Old Town.

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            I haven't tried it but thought it was closer to where Hollister turns runs into State so on the SB side.

          2. Nice article about METROPULOS today in local paper restaurant section. Claims they will help you with hard-to-find items they don't stock.

            So this could be a good place to find your foie gras. Located 216 East Montecito Street - tucked in an out of the way corner of a new condo project and already getting lots to good local reviews.