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Dec 19, 2006 10:00 PM

L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon: three quick questions

1. What's the dress code?
2. Is a menu available online? I think my party would be interested in a tasting menus; can someone refresh my memory on the options in terms of number of courses and price points?
3. Would it be possible for the kitchen to accomodate a member of our party who cannot eat shellfish within a tasting menu, or would that person simply have to order a la carte? Is the tasting menu extremely shell-fish intensive?

Thanks in advance for the help. I've heard a lot of rave reviews but have had trouble finding specific details about L'Atelier.

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    Dress code is business casual

    They will without a doubt accomodate your friend who can't have shellfish. They'll bend over backwards to make your party happy, they can always offer substitutions. Don't even worry about that.

    1. as long as you're not in shorts, t-shirt, flip flops, you'll be ok.

      menu is available online, although it changes by couple items from time to time. there is only 1 option and 1 price.

      i'm sure the kitchen can easily accommodate a shellfish averse diner in your party. there is at least 1 shellfish courses (oysters) in the tasting menu.

      1. Dress is not formal,business casual is probably a good description. You could go in jeans and feel slightly underdressed or clean up a little bit and be fine (no jacket required for men).

        The menu is posted online and is pretty current. They will be good about accomodating dietary issues. We were just there this past weekend and the couple next to us, one member did not eat meat (but did eat fish - "nothing with eyebrows" as my wife puts it) and they were happy to adapt the tasting menu.

        The current tasting menu, if I recall right only has one shellfish item (scallop).

        1. I was there just last week myself. I was in nice (but blue) designer jeans and a dress shirt. As long as you look presentable (not a slob) you should be fine. I did not feel out of place.

          The tasting menu online was not up to date as what I had was different from what was on the website. The main menu is the same or very close. In a recent review you will find exactly what is on the tasting menu.

          1. Thanks to all for the tips. In the end, I actually decided to reserve Picasso; I've heard some mixed reviews about the service at L'Atelier, and at that price point I didn't want to even take the chance. The host at Picasso said it won't be a problem to put together a shellfish-free menu. Any recommendations there?

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              Picasso is unbelievably good. Food and service are both excellent, decor is lacking (yes, even with all the originals on the wall!). One of the best meals I've had in Vegas and worth the $$$. I'd go with the degustation, whatever is on the menu that day. The thing with Picasso is that it's reliably great. The chef has perfected the dishes that are presented on the menu and doesn't stray far over time. You might return a year later and eat the exact same meal but your 1st will be memorable. Total bill came out slightly less than L'Atelier. Clientele and atmosphere are different at Picasso as well, less casual & median age skews higher. Make your reservation early.

              1. re: zack

                Quick update: we ended up eating at Picasso, and it was tremendous. Each item was perfectly executed, the wine pairings were beautiful, and the service was nearly flawless. Hopefully I'll have time to write up a full report at a later date.

                1. re: uclaben

                  I hope you do report back. There have been surprisingly few reports about Picasso recently. I'm curious how it has fared since the invasion of the French big boy chefs.