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Dec 19, 2006 09:24 PM

Favorite downtown casual lunchspot

I'm pretty tired of the same old grub at Au Bon Bland and the like. Can anyone recommend some new (non chain, preferably) places to lunch around K and Conn. Ave in Downtown DC?

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  1. Greek Deli on 19th between L and M.

    Well Dressed Burrito in an alley off 19th north of M and across from The Palm.

    Sign of the Whale on M, north side, between 18th and 19th. Of course, there is more than one Whale around so since it is technically a "chain" you will have to make your own call here.

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    1. re: CDouglas

      Is Sign of the Whale on M still open? I thought it was bought out and turned into a fake Irish bar?

      1. re: monkeyrotica

        I think the "Mike O'Meara" deal thankfully did not materialize. It was still open a few weeks back when I ate there last. I will swing by today for some French onion soup and a Whaleburger and report back.

        1. re: CDouglas

          Sign of the Whale is still there and everything feels the same. Apparently they were bought by a new group but have kept their food and identity. Peter is still behind the bar and serving up great Bloody Marys.

          1. re: CDouglas

            Thanks! Losing the Waffle Shop AND Sign of the Whale in one year is too much for me to bear.

            Now if only the Jemal deal for Restaurant AV would fail to materialize as well.

    2. Washington Deli for pizza, between I and K at 20th.

      Ollie's Trolley, somewhere around 15th and L (I can't remember exactly.

      Pedro's burrito cart, on K at Farragut North Metro.

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      1. re: svt

        I didn't realize there is an Ollie's Trolley anywhere near 15th and L! I know there is one on 12th above E, where they will make your Ollieburger perfectly medium rare if you ask (and you should).

        Breadline is in the 1700 block of Pennsylvania Ave, about 2 blocks south from you. My favorite item: on Fridays get the bbq, but order it on a ciabatta. I'll put that up against any bbq sandwich anywhere.

        1. re: svt

          Actually, that's Carlos Guardado with the burrito cart at Farragut North. The Post ran Carlos' photo on the front page a couple of weeks ago.

        2. The Post Pub (1422 L St.) great lunch grub in general, but especially worth the trip for onion rings. They are the only thing I miss about working downtown.

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          1. re: Meg

            I love the Post Pub and eat there a few times a month. The onion rings are great and they make tasty burgers but what I usually order is the grilled ham and cheese sandwich on rye. Simple yet perfectly done and it always hits the spot.

          2. Is the new Stoney's open yet?

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            1. re: Chownut

              Not really near K and Connecticut but Stoney's is open. Closer to Logan Circle.


            2. Strong endorsement for the Greek Deli. You can also take home some house-made taramosalata from the cooler.

              You might also try the chicken tikka sandwich at Naan and Beyond on L between 17th and Connecticut.

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              1. re: Epicurious

                I went to Naan & Beyond yesterday and ordered the tandori chicken. Honestly, it was so tasteless, I ended up throwing the whole thing out. The naan that came with it wasn't anything to write home about either--again, no flavor.