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Dec 19, 2006 09:03 PM

restaurant gift certificates

I'd like to give gift certificates to a couple of Boston area restaurants and am wondering if there's any where I can purchase them online. I've gone to their sites and don't see anything. Same for Open Table. I was thinking about Eastern Standard and/or Sibling Rivalry. Is my only option going directly to the restaurant? Seems like the perfect business venture for someone....hmm.
Anyone know?

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  1. I have found that almost any restaurant will take your credit card over the phone and mail the gift certificate to either you or the recipient. Just call either place.

    1. I bought some from Rendezvous Central Square last year and they were nicely presented.

      I did treat myself to dinner there as a reward for all that heavy duty shopping.

      1. I ordered over the phone from Via Matta, Rendevous, Upstairs on the Square & Hammersleys. Received in a few days & all nicely presented.

        1. I've used Dinegift in the past. They include restaurants all over Ma--a sampling from Boston area, inside 128, the Cape, Metrowest, yada yada.

          I did not use them this year, but in year's past found the list servicable, if not my own personal favorite restaurants.

          Depending on whom you're giving it too, it could work well.

          They are on line at

          Rather like Phantom's gift card but (I presume) different list.

          1. For my boyfriend's birthday, his brother (who's out of state) called East Coast Grill and bought a gift certificate over the phone.