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New Fairfield, Westport, Norwalk suggestions?

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I am taking 3 friends out to celebrate my birthday. Any new or rejuvenated suggestions for this part of CT? Thanks!

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  1. DW and I have spent the last three saturday nights in South Norwalk at Barcelona. I just love the place. Great energy great food (gotta get the steak and duck confit) and the staff couldn't be nicer. Each time there have been at least 2 b'day parties when the waiters come over to sing.

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      On Sunday nights Barcelona puts all bottles of wine on discount. If it's under $50, the wine is half price, over $50 is a lower discount. Never had to break the wallet for some decent wine here.

    2. Bistro du Soliel on Washington Street in SoNo . . . less trendy, better atmosphere and food than Barecelona, plus none of the posers

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      1. I think Barcelona has great atmosphere for a birthday. The Sangria's good too.

        1. How about Paul Newman's new spot in Westport, The Dressing Room?

          It boasts organic foods, and Paul himself on a number of occasions.

          I'll be making my first trip there in a couple weeks.

          1. Gosh I don't know if this is too casual for you but My friends and I love Fat Cat Pizza (especially for wine by the glass etc.)

            The cheese guy will bend your ear if you let him. He usually has some good choices.

            1. Which town is Fat Cat Pizza in...I've never heard of it. Thanks!

              1. Norwalk on wall street. They have a limited menu - thin crust pizza, Cheese plates, Salads, Charcuterie etc. Their wine comes from Fountainhead so it's an eclectic list. Some nice beers too.

                I always have a good time there - good atmoshere.

                Have fun.

                1. Fat Cat is great. Had dinner there the other night. I'd sit at the bar if possible--interesting conversation abounds.

                  1. I think a poser is someone who wants to be seen and may be a snob and doesn't know anything about food?

                    1. Fat Cat Pie for a fun birthday, for sure. I'm 1/2 hour away, but it's where I go for good times.

                      1. We've decided to go to The Dressing Room for the birthday dinner and Fat Cat Pie for another evening out. Thanks for the input. I'll let you know how they work out!