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Dec 19, 2006 09:03 PM

New Fairfield, Westport, Norwalk suggestions?

I am taking 3 friends out to celebrate my birthday. Any new or rejuvenated suggestions for this part of CT? Thanks!

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  1. DW and I have spent the last three saturday nights in South Norwalk at Barcelona. I just love the place. Great energy great food (gotta get the steak and duck confit) and the staff couldn't be nicer. Each time there have been at least 2 b'day parties when the waiters come over to sing.

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      On Sunday nights Barcelona puts all bottles of wine on discount. If it's under $50, the wine is half price, over $50 is a lower discount. Never had to break the wallet for some decent wine here.

    2. Bistro du Soliel on Washington Street in SoNo . . . less trendy, better atmosphere and food than Barecelona, plus none of the posers

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      1. I think Barcelona has great atmosphere for a birthday. The Sangria's good too.

        1. How about Paul Newman's new spot in Westport, The Dressing Room?

          It boasts organic foods, and Paul himself on a number of occasions.

          I'll be making my first trip there in a couple weeks.

          1. Gosh I don't know if this is too casual for you but My friends and I love Fat Cat Pizza (especially for wine by the glass etc.)

            The cheese guy will bend your ear if you let him. He usually has some good choices.