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Bialys in Boston?


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    1. Unfortunately, the closest place to get real Bialys is about a 3.5 hour drive away.

      1. Where? Rein's Deli in Vernon, CT?

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          Rein's is less than 1.5 hours away, but I do think they have decent bialys, albeit frozen. It's been a while since I looked for them, but I also have been able to get decent (and, yes, real) bialys at some Stop & Shop locations.

        2. kupels might make the best bialys in boston- for whatever thats worth.

          1. tamerlanenj...with no sarcasm I ask from ignorance. What is a bialy? I don't know what it is, but I want one.

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              It's the oniony, harder, non-holed cousin to the bagel. Here's a link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bialy

              In New Jersey where I grew up, they are sold in the majority of bagel shops.

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                noble cousin of the bagel, dimpled, not holed. with a dollop of carmelized onion-type filling. almost extinct, in it's finest form.

              2. Kossars Bagels 367 Grand Street NY NY 10002
                Tel: 877-4-BIALYS

                Don't bother eating a bialy from anywhere else. Kossars sells to many of the major stores and I'm sure that they fedex. There is nothing like this anywhere. I'm from NY, and this is my standard present when I go visiting out of town.

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                1. yesterday morning I actually ate a bialy from Kossars, brought back from Zabars (NYC) over the weekend by my wife.

                  Kupels is probably you're only chance for something decent. Otherwise, bring back a bag from NY and freeze em.

                  Bialy trivia: Tony Soprano ate one this past season but had to have the onions picked out by one of his guys, because they feared it might give him heartburn.

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                    Well, it's because he had gotten shot and had his pancreas recently removed. Bialys are T's favorite breakfast, but he's had to adapt to a much milder diet.

                  2. Oh...Kosars also has pletzel. The shipping is too rich for my blood, though. Does anyone around here have decent pletzel? I don't like Kupel's; it's too soft.

                    Blumie, of course Rein's is only 1 1/2 hours away, but it always seems longer on holiday weekends!

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                      is pletzel what we used to call an onion board in brooklyn?

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                        Yes. In my native Connecticut both terms were used. Does anywhere in greater Boston ever make pleztl/pletzlach/onion board?

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                          No pletzlach around these parts. Seems to be quite rare even in the city. However, if you're ever in the Boca Raton area, there's a small chain of bakeries, originally from the island, called Flakowitz. An old fashioned jewish bakery . . . pletzlach, rye bread, you name it. The chocolate babkas are quite delish. They've been threatening to go online and ship to the north, but I don't think they've accomplished that as yet.

                    2. Katz Bagel in Chelsea makes a good bialy. Get there early!!

                      1. Rosenfelds in Newton Center sells bialys, however you MUST be there very early or they will be sold out.

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                            Yup, only Sundays, and they're very good (but what isn't at Rosenfeld's?).

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                            Any idea how long they've had them?

                            30-some-odd years ago, when Rosenfeld's first opened, they planned to carry bialys -- which my family was very excited about -- but had some sort of accident with one of their machines (at least that's what my dad told me they had told him), so they decided not to carry them.

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                              I am not sure how long they've carried them. At least the last few years which is how long I've been going there.

                          3. I went to Katz Bagel in Chelsea this morning to buy a dozen bagels. I asked if they sold bialys. The girl at the counter asked what's a bialys. I then told her. Katz Bagel in Chelsea does not sell bialys.

                            1. where is katz bagel? are they better than kupels? i mean, are they worth the ride over there from cambridge?

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                                I haven't had Kupels in years but Katz is pretty darn good. No poppy seed though.

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                                  Katz Bagel is at 139 Park Street in Chelsea 617-884-9738. It's on a corner near Riley's Roast Beef. Get there early because they sell out fast. Katz is the only place that I buy bagels from. They have been making bagels for a long time. Bagels are $6.00 for a bakers dozen (13). I have never been to Kupels so I can't comment on them.

                                2. Rosenfelds DOES carry, on occassion an onion challah - and its AMAZAING! But ive never seen onion board anywhere....

                                  Katz's -- what are their hours? It would be a shlep for me to get there...and would hate to find them closed. Also are they kosher?

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                                    They also sell a whole wheat challah which is great. Don't forget about there chocolate babka! But then, this post is about bialys, sorry for the side track.

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                                      Oh, Rosenfeld's chcocolate babka is amazing... as are all the bagels...still haven't gotten there on a sunday to try the bialis...some day...;)

                                  2. Our local Shaw's supermarket sells bialys--not Kossar's, but serviceable.

                                    1. This may be a little late, but I have seen Bell's Bialys sold in the bakery section of Shaw's on Comm Ave in Boston. They have no preservatives, so be sure to freeze them right away if they are not totally consumed!


                                      1. i used to work in randolph, ma & they sold pretty decent bialys in the sudbury farms/roche brothers supermarket. they may get them from zeppys bagel bakery which is also in randolph. i love bialys but wouldn't neccasarily drive to randolph for them. my relatives are actually from bialystok which is on the poland/ukraine border and that's where they were 1st made. when you get the right one they are delish.