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Dec 19, 2006 08:41 PM

Are the Vosges ice creams and hot chocolate any good?

Thinking of getting some for a friend for Christmas. How are they? Any flavor you like in particular? On the hot chocolate, how does it compare with Mirabelle's? And has anyone tried teh Taleggio cheese truffle from Vosges? Sounds weird, but interesting. Any feedback appreciated.

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  1. Okay I preface by saying we rec'd a gift certificate for a tasting at Vosges NYC last year and used it right before New Years. The experience was sensational. We became instant fans and order from the catalog during the year. The white hot chocolate with lavendar is our fav. We love most of their chocolates but if in doubt, go to a tasting.

    1. I've had the hot chocolates. There's a Parisienne one that is really quite good as well as their spicy one (I forget what they are called). The only problem I've had is that I find it tastes much better when they make it in the store. The Parisienne one has orange rind in it that I could not get to soften up at home so the hot chocolate tasted like it had sand in it. Very tasty, though, and best if you go all out and use whole milk with a little cream.

      1. The Rooster truffle didn't have as much cheese flavor as I expected. I was excited to try it but won't be buying it again. I like the bars but the truffles just don't seem that exciting for what they cost.