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Dec 19, 2006 08:33 PM

I Found Tripe

Any fans of Italian style tripe out there, I have the place for you. My father used to feed me tripe when I was younger, not telling me what it is was. All I knew was that I liked it. It has become hard to find any place that serves it nowadays. Saturday was always tripe day, so when I was in the North End this past weekend, I was on a mission. After starting off with an "App" of stuffed squid & Monkfish Marsala & a bottle of Nero d' Avola at the Daily Catch, I was on my way. Stopped by some of the older more established rest's with no luck. Finally a handwritten note on a door: "Tripe $7.95". Ah the good old days. Entered to find an empty dinning room. The waiter said come back a 5:00. After hearing that, I thought for sure "Tripe $7.95" would be for lunch only. Nope dinner too. Good thing I had an "App". Hour & a half later & couple of wine tastings at the various merchants I was back. The only thing I had to order was the bottle of Barbera, as the waiter, which turned out to be the Manager/Owner knew what I was there for. "Tripe $7.95". The bowl was a big as a basketball & the best I have ever had. BELLA VISTA, Hanover St.

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  1. What is this Italian style tripe like? The only tripe that I've had in a restaurant is the Mexican menudo soup. I have, though, cooked tripe working from a 'Roman' recipe in the big Gourmet cookbook. That is, the tripe is cooked in a vegetable rich tomato sauce, producing something similar to a thick Bologaise (but with the distinctive texture of tripe pieces).


    1. The reason I say "Italian Style" is more refering to the culture. As you stated, you've had it "Mexican style", which I have never had. But it does sound good. Sounds like you've cooked it just right, with your Roman recipe.

      1. The Dim Sum restaurants in China Town (Chau Chow City and China Pearl) both sell tripe as a Dim Sum offering.

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          The tripe (long strips steamed with ginger and jalapenos) at Hei La Moon is totally awesome.

        2. I haven't been in a while, but Nebo (North End - Washington) used to have a tasty tripe dish - served in a spicy tomato sauce.

          1. I grew up eating tripe in Chinese cooking, but I really love the stuff at dimsum, especially the places that add the right amount of chili to it and give it a little kick. Yummy!

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              Recently had a delicious tripe app at Wang's fast food in Somerville.