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Dec 19, 2006 08:12 PM

ISO 24-hr or late night Korean BBQ in NoVA

But not YeChon. Want to try another place, one that's open till at least 2am on a Friday night.

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  1. On Route 29 in Fairfax, it's right next door to PJ Skidoos and across from the Fairfax High School, but for the life of me I can't remember the name of it. I know it's open really late, I want to say even 24 hours. There are always cars there.

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    1. re: Meg

      I did some research - is it called Magpie's Nest Korean Restaurant, at 9590 Lee Highway? If this one is the one you're talking about, then they're not 24-hrs (at least anymore, if they ever were). I called them. Drat!

      1. re: yumyuminmytumtum

        Nope, I remembered, it's Cho's Garden.

        9940 Lee Hwy
        Fairfax, VA 22030
        (703) 359-9801

        I called, they're open till 2 am seven days a week.

        Some good reviews on some site called, never heard of it so take them with a grain of salt.

        If you go let me know what you think. I've never had Korean BBQ and it's right on my home.

        1. re: Meg

          I heartily recommend Cho's Garden. It's one of the better Korean places in the area.

          1. re: Meg

            whats the price range at cho's??

      2. Haven't yet been bold enough to visit (the sign's entirely in Korean except there's a lone "24hrs" on it) - Jung Sun Dal 6499 Little River Turnpike.

        If you go, let me know how it is, please.

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        1. re: wayne keyser

          I like Jung Sun Dal. I recommend:
          - Gamjatang (potato / pork stew). Their specialty. Very spicy. Good after a night's drinking.
          - Bibimbap (rice mixed with veggies). This you can find in any Korean restaurant. JSD's version is a "countrified" version (that's country in Korea). Very good.
          - Daegutang (cod stew... or I think it's cod...). Spicy fish stew. I recommend getting the non-spicy version called "jiri" which is clear and is great on a cold day/night.

          1. re: lossless

            Ooh! Ooh! I'm thrilled! Thank you! That info gives me courage, like maybe I won't look like like a complete idiot.

            Normally I'm the first stupidly brave guy to go into some location where others fear to tread - must be getting old and squirrely.

            1. re: wayne keyser

              Cool, I hope you'll enjoy it. I guess JSD really doesn't cater to non-Koreans - no English sign outside, and I don't remember if the menu had English translations? That would be intimidating.

              Next time I go, I plan to try one of the dishes for 2 people, like a jeongol (large stew with fish usually plus lots of veggies).

            2. re: lossless

              How's the soondoobu? Haemul paejun? Galbi?

              1. re: yumyuminmytumtum

                Can't tell you about those as I haven't tried them at Jung Sun Dal.

                For soondubu (I'm guessing you mean the soondubu-chigae, the small hot pot soft tofu soup thing), I like Vit Goel Tofu, which confusingly has a sign saying "Light House Tofu & BBQ" hanging on its building. I don't think vitgoel means lighthouse, but anyway. It's on 4121 Chatelain Rd in Annandale.

                Just as Jung Sun Dal does the gamjatang as its specialty, this place has pretty much just soondubu, plus some dishes including bulgogi. They let you have the soondubu-chigae in 5 diff degrees of spiciness.

                One suggestion: get the mildest "white" soondubu and the tsukoomi-bokkum (quite spicy stir-fried baby octopus and veggies). The two dishes - one mild, one spicy - made for a very satisfying meal for two people.

                1. re: lossless

                  Let me testify to something said earlier about Vit Goel:

                  They have soon dubu white (not spicy), mild, medium,spicy, and spicy-spicy. It was suggested that new patrons begin with milds or medium.

                  Now, I'm fearless about my fondness for hot food. I'm in heaven at China Star, and smile through the delightful agony.

                  I asked for my soon dubu spicy (figured I'd really be happier with spicy-spicy, but maybe I should be circumspect.) I NEVER HAD ANYTHING QUITE SO STRAIGHT-AHEAD HOT IN MY LIFE! Perfect if a bit intense for 10pm, way too much at 10am. But I'm definitely going back.

                  What I'm saying is, if you can handle spicy-spicy at any hour of the day, you're a better man than I am.

                  1. re: wayne keyser

                    I wish their spicy spicy was MUCH hotter. I always ry to convince them that I want spicy spicy spicy but they won't believe me! Of course I am speaking of the Rockville location: don't know if that makes a difference.

                    1. re: wayne keyser

                      Oh well, I guess they do not use a scientific system for matching to the spice level ordered. When I ordered spicy (4th out of five levels), I felt that almost anyone used to spicy food could easily handle it.

              2. I braved Jung Sun Dal a few years ago. I didn't really know much about Korean food at the time, but I ended up having some sort of crepey-omelety thing. I haven't felt a need to go back.

                I've been curious about the place by P.J. Skidoo's for a while now. I could be wrong, but I think the 24-hour sign was gone the last time I drove by.

                1. May I ask why not Ye Chon? Any reasons other than wanting to try someplace new or nearer your home/work? We have had good experiences--and food--there.

                  1. The original comment has been removed