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Dec 19, 2006 08:05 PM

Canteen no more?

My little brother, who goes to culinary school on the east coast and yet knows everything about the SF dining scene, just e-mailed me to say that Canteen is closing and Dennis Leary is moving to a larger restaurant. Is this just a vicious rumor or can someone confirm this?

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  1. It's probably true as the hotel that Canteen is in was sold.

    1. As of a couple of weeks ago, Canteen was operating--the building is now a dorm for the Academy of Art. I don't know if that was a long term or a transitional plan.

      1. I went there this morning, having read rave reviews here. It was closed. A sign in the window said to enter through the hotel, but when I tried that the door was locked and a guy in the lobby yelled at me. "No! No food anymore! Is closed! Everything closed! No hotel anymore! Dorm now!"

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          From The Tablehopper:

          Just to put a rumor to rest that keeps popping into my inbox: Dennis Leary is not leaving or closing ~CANTEEN~ anytime soon. The only change is Canteen has closed for breakfast during the week, and Leary is taking a couple days off this first week of January. But as the man himself said, “That's about the only time my restaurant will be dark for the next three years” (which is how long the option is on his lease).

        2. Very sad to hear. On my last couple trips to SF, we stayed at the Commodore and had breakfast at Canteen. I was looking forward to doing it again next month. Time to find another reasonably priced, conveniently located hotel with great food nearby...

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            they are still open--they are only closed for breakfast since the academy of art switcheroo... I just called. so lunch, dinner, you can still get your dennis groove on.

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              I've heard good things about Cafe Andre at the Rex Hotel across the street as far as breakfast.

            2. The only good thing is that since I wasn't able to get to Canteen, I won't have anything to compare to his new restaurant. I never liked Boulevard as much as L'Avenue (sp??), her old place a zillion years ago.

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              1. re: Cheesy Oysters

                Canteen's still open, so you don't have to miss it.