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Dec 19, 2006 07:59 PM

Spork, Coconut Scraper, Cheap Mandolin

Where can I buy the following:

1. Spork
2. Easy Coconut scraper that takes the effort out of the job
3. Cheap but effective mandolin for making stir fries, julienne cuts of carrots, daikon etc.

Please attach pictures & or websites if you have a good recommendation.

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  1. Camping stores usually sell sporks... I've seen them at REI (

    Don't know about the coconut scraper... lately I've only been buying young coconuts from the ethnic grocery stores and it's so soft you just spoon it out. For harder coconuts, perhaps a curved blade would work... are oyster shuckers curved?

    Cheap mandolins can be found either in Chinatown stores or KMart/Sears Essentials (the Martha Stewart line). Also, check Ross/Marshalls/TJ Maxx or HomeGoods.

    1. Kyocera makes some great ceramic mandolins. I have the adjustable straight edge model (they do make a julienne model), and it works great for my uses--most often Yukon Golds for Potato Dauphinoise.

      1. For lightweight backpacking fanatics, Snow Peak makes the ultimate spork: a 0.6oz titanium version. It's available from Campmor:

        1. Found a picture of an Indian coconut scraper here:

          From the discussion, it looks like you could try looking for one in an Indian grocery or appliance store. I got mine from India. It is a very easy to use tool!

          1. We're happy so far with the $10-or-so Chefmate mandolin at Target, recommended by Cooks' Illustrated. Smooth operation, easy to clean, and slices cleanly. It's made of plastic, so don't expect it to last decades or survive a year in a backpack in the Himalayas, but it's cheap and effective for sure.