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Dec 19, 2006 07:47 PM

Has anyone been to Amanda's in Hoboken, NJ?

Iwas thinking of getting a gift certificate there for my brother & his girlfriend for the holidays,
I heard it is supposed to be a romantic place, but is the food good too? if not can yourecommend a romantic restaurant in the central NJ / hudson county area.

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  1. I've never been to Amanda's so I can't comment on the quality of the food.

    A restaurant that I can highly recommend is Lorena's, in Maplewood. That's Essex County, which I consider to be Central NJ. But even if your brother and his gf have to travel a bit to get there, it's totally worth it because this is one of the best restaurants in the entire state!

    Chef/owner Humberto Campos' cuisine is superb. His fiancee, Lorena, manager George, and their small staff provide polished, cordial service. The petite space (30 seats) is charming, cozy and romantic. It's a BYO, and George handles all wines with great expertise.

    You can purchase a gift card directly from their website.

    1. I've been to Amanda's for brunch and found it a little bit chintzy- antique china, very delicate furnishings, etc... It reminded me a little of my grandmother's. That said, it is a Hoboken favorite, and you can get a lot for your money there if you go for the daily early bird special.

      I prefer Cucharamama's- it's a lot more interesting and stylish with great cocktails!

      Anthony David's is great, too, but its BYOB.

      1. Amanda's is fabulous. Very unHoboken: located in a brownstone, it is formal and romantic. Great seasonal American menu, excellent service, warm setting. There are louder, hipper, younger restaurants in Hoboken, but there aren't any with better food. Great gift idea, because dinner prices are expensive enough that it's not an everyday restaurant. Three courses with wine (good $28-$38 list) will be in the $125-$150 range.

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          Thanks! That is just what I wanted to hear.

        2. I have been to Amanda's several times, but not lately.
          Food and service have always been top notch.