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Dec 19, 2006 07:46 PM


My two teenage boys who love to eat are visiting San Francisco for the FIRST time. We are staying at the Fairmont for three days around Xmas. With the Chowhound board help I've come up with a few ideas for my family of four. We are open to anything except for a long prix fixed dinner. I have no idea about the distance of the restaurants from the Fairmont. Close to the hotel would be nice but we will travel for a good meal. I want to show my sons what a SPECIAL food city San Francisco can be.
Here is some of the ideas I've dug up from the chowhound boards:
"R&G Lounge" for Xmas eve dinner
"Gold Mountain" or "Ton Kaing" or "Yank Sing" for Dim Sum
"Betelnut" for tour of asian cusine (my kids want to compare it to Typhoon/Chinois in Los Angeles)
"Mifune" or "Oyaji" for Ramen (thanks Melanie Wong for you list. My boys want to compare it to Chabuya in L.A.)
"Tadich" for Cioppino SF style
"Zuni Cafe" for burgers (my sons love the burgers at "The Counter" in Los Angeles and want to do a food challenge)
"Swan Oyster Depot" "Hog Island Oyster Co." "Bar Crudo" for clam chowder,raw seafood
"Plouf" my wife loves steamed mussels
"Range" for moderately priced good food
"Canteen" for breakfast, need more breakfast ideas near the hotel.
Again any comments would be appreciated.
Happy holidays

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    1. You've done your homework, that's a great list. Except skip the canned clam chowder at Swan Oyster Depot.

      1. i agree about the title, but that's not the point of this response!

        definitely for ramen go to suzu noodle house, a tiny place in the japantown mall. it's easy to miss, but please don't! it's one of the only places in the city that makes their noodles in-house every day. delicious and extremely well-priced. a big bowl of noodles paired with a fresh fish and rice bowl for under ten dollars? amazing.

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          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. Did you mean Venticello?