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Where can I buy Sushi/Sashimi?

I want to throw a sushi party at my house, anyone know a restaurant or store that has sushi grade quality fish in the DC/Alexandria area?

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  1. I don't know of any restaurants but I'd think that you could find it at the wholesale market in DC

    1. Try Super H Mart in Fairfax. They have a whole section of sushi-grade fish, plus they have the seaweed and other accessories you need for sushi-making. Have fun!

      1. Harris Teeter has sushi grade tuna, and korean markets have "sushi grade" salmon, tuna, yellowtail, ikura (salmon eggs), flying fish roe, red clam, ginger, wasabi, etc. I can't vouch for the quality at the korean markets though. There's a pretty good selection at Lotte right off rt. 50.

        In Bethesda, there's a japanese market called Daruma, which has a sushi counter, but I don't know if they have that grade of fish to make sushi with.


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          Harris Teeters' sushi grade tuna isn't really sushi grade- you can tell just by looking at it and even more so by tasting it.

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            Thanks, I wouldn't pay the $12+/lb to find out, but I just reported it here since they advertise it as such. It may though, depend a lot on whether you're buying it when it's fresh on display. I'd recommend the poster of this thread to talk to HT's fish monger to see which day is it generally the freshest.

        2. Another Japanese market in Bethesda--Hinata--is the place to go for carryout sushi. My Japanese wife and her friends consider it the best carryout sushi in D.C. and environs.

          1. Super H, Lotte and Han Ah Rum all have sushi grade fish at a reasonable price. Some are sold ready to use others are frozen rock hard.

            Another option is that each of these places you can get a platter of sushi or sashimi already prepared. I just order one last night for this saturday for $40. Very reasonable.


            1. There is a fish market on Glebe Rd in Arlington. It's right off the 395 - I can't remember the name of it though. I haven't been there but have heard from others and they love the fresh fish. Not sure if its sashimi grade though...

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                You're talking about Slavin's, it's a wholeseller, but open to the public.

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                    I haven't been to Slavins in a while, but unless it no longer stinks of old fish, I wouldn't purchase sashimi from them.

                    Super H is my usual source.

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                      Same here. I walked in, sniffed, walked out and never went back. It's worse than the Maine Avenue boats.

                      Check out the fish departments at Harris Teeter. I don't know about sushi grade, but we're buying all our shellfish and fish from them these days, and have been mighty impressed.

                  2. I second the Super H mart in Fairfax. It's at the intersection of Gallows Road and Lee Highway. Their fish selection is impressive and very affordable. All their sushi grade fish is marked. Saturday and Sunday mornings is kinda packed at the store, but def. worth the visit, even for produce.

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                      I actually find that Super H kind of dumpy. Veggies are so so, but fruit is decent. The seafood is actually a bit cheaper at Great Wall down the street. Great Wall does not have sushi grade fish though.

                      The best Super H I've been to in this area is in Catonsville, and in the general NoVa area, I find the lotte on rt. 50 much better than Super H.

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                        For Veggies and fruit super H has a better selection then Lotte. Quality does depend a lot on when you hit the place but I find the turnover to be more at super H so fresher stuff gets put out more.

                        The prepared foods (mostly korean), lotte has better selection and I find them to be a bit more tasty.

                        As for th store, I find Super H bigger and brighter and more crowded.

                        Are you confusing Hah Ah Rum and Super H? Although owned by same corp, there is a Hah Ah Rum on Gallows. It is a bit more "worn" and the Super H is past (going west) on Rt 50 past Lotte.

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                          The Merrifield (Gallows Rd and Lee Hwy) HAR is now called "H Mart." The Fairfax location is the only "Super H." I tried to use my Super H card at the Merrifield H Mart, and the cashier told me it's only good at the Fairfax Super H. FWIW, my wife prefers Grand Mart in Centreville for fresh veggies (freshness, turnover, and price) over Super H, H Mart, or Lotte.

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                            I'm referring to the "I second the Super H mart in Fairfax. It's at the intersection of Gallows Road and Lee Highway." that pgwiz1 is referring to as being a bit dumpier.

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                                I don't care too much if it's a Super H or Han Ah Rheum. I usually include addresses/locations for all the places I mention.

                      2. And just to add to the confusion, the Grand Marts vary even more than Super-H/H-mart/Han ah Rheum in my experience. The Grand Mart in Sterling is a very clean store, but some of the others are downright grungy. We get most of our fresh food from that store these days. They generally have good prices on shrimp, marked by country of origin. That store has a small selection of sushi-grade fish.

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                          The one in seven corners fits that bill. Very grungy, and smaller than the typical grand mart.

                        2. Try Black Salt. It has a fish market.