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Nice Jewish girls needs info on ham(LOL!)

Well, DH came home with Xmas gift from work - 7 lb. spiral sliced ham in cryovac, also a beautiful gift basket from Harry & David, but we know what to do with that! It's not from Heavenly Ham or Honeybaked Ham. We are not kosher, but I have never made anything with fresh pork or ham. We are not big ham eaters, but we decided to make it and invite some neighbors and friends and have a little holiday party on Sunday. So - what do I do with it? Have any dynamite ham recipes? Can I freeze leftovers? TIA!

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  1. Hmmm, love it! Very Tasty! It's likely pre-cooked and comes pretty much pre-seasoned as well. Do not add more salt. My Mother in law usually makes a brown sugar and pinneaple concoction. What are you going to serve with it? Definitly some mashed potato's, roasted brussel sprouts, wild rice.

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      College daughter is going to use it as basis for buffet get together for a bunch of friends. Was thinking some spinach tartlets (already in freezer) and shrimp w/ cocktail sauce for appetizers, a big salad, scalloped potato casserole, some type of vegetable and homemade biscuits. Plenty of holiday cookies in freezer (butter, rugelach, thumbprint) and maybe a cheesecake with raspberry sauce. I think it is already cooked, how long do I heat it, should I cover it or leave uncovered, what temperature does it need to get to? What proportions for glaze, we prefer savory to sweet - any suggestions?

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        A tablespoon or two of fresh horsradish plopped in the middle of the cocktail sauce is always a hit. The Heinz brand is pretty decent. A bit of lime or lemon mixed in the cocktail sauce is great as well. This gives it sort of a homemade flavor.

    2. How many people would a 7 lb. ham serve? She has about 15 on her list - will this be enough?

      1. USDA guidelines on ham.

        Ham is plenty salty, and smoky/sweet. Apples go well with all kinds of pork. A 7lb, precooked ham is plenty for 15 people.

        1. Half a pound per person is a good serving.

          I'm surprised they didn't include reheating instructions. Bring it to room temperature, then heat, covered, in a 325 degree oven, around 45 minutes to an hour, until the center is 140 degrees.

          1. Thanks! Anyone have tips on a basting sauce? I have a brand new jar of good maple syrup and I would like to use some of this. Also, can I freeze any leftovers?

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              I so not suggest "wasting" great maple syrup on a salty product like ham that has its own intense flavor, and that you are going to heat for a while. Save the good stuff for some great pancakes (or even latkes) As for a basting sauce- maybe sneak a piece after you unwrap- it may have been pre-seasoned. Then based on how it tastes, if it needs more "oomph"- a simple rubbing of a blend of orange marmalade thinned with citrus juice of your choice is very nice- perhaps with a touch of cinnamon or clove. Good luck!

            2. I've used brown mustard on ham when cooking it, (there are so many great mustards on the market - take your pick) and then baste with the juices that run. You can freeze the left overs nicely, just wrap it good. We tend to slice only what we use, then freeze the hunk left, seems to keep better. The bonus is the ham bone, we make great soups or beans with it.

              1. A precooked, spiral cut ham probably already has a glze applied. But if not, equal parts brown sugar and canned crushed pineapple is reasonably traditional. You can jazz that up with a small dose of dry mustard or ground cloves.

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                  Yup- that's what I like- the sugar/pineapple with a bit of mustard. I also like to add some butter- make a nice glossy glaze. Be careful if you use ground cloves- a tiny bit goes a long way!
                  My grandmother used to add raisins- and she made lots of glaze- then thickened it up with corn starch- we used to love the sweet gravy over our mashed potatoes.!1 Haven't had it since I was a kid.

                2. Diane, you'll appreciate this - my husband is the product of a mixed marriage and his mother (the non-Jew of the couple) INSISTS that THE BEST accompaniment to a ham is a sweet kugel (this is our annual meal at Easter (!?) dinner at her house). I think it's so bizzare, but have to admit, they do go nicely together - the whole sweet/salty thing . . . . whatever you do, enjoy!

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                    Gansu Girl, believe me, my Orthodox grandmother will be haunting me as it is, I can't imaging making her raisin kugel as a side dish. I am thinking a big pan of scalloped potatoes, bland but creamy with cheese, will be a good counterpoint to the salty ham. One of the other posters insists on green beans as the vegetable, so I am thinking my usual green beans almondine.

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                      That sounds really good, but depending on your tastes might be over the top. Ham is pretty rich as-is. Plain mashed potatoes would be perfectly fine.

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                        This is too funny - I am hosting Christmas dinner here and just finalized the menu . . . spiral cut ham, scalloped potatoes (there is a make-ahead recipe in the America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook), green salad and green beans almondine. Nothing fancy - nothing too foodie . . . my husband comes from a family of very plain eaters (depite the mixed up ham/kugel combo!).

                    2. So based on what I am hearing, I can adapt the advice for the following: I have a jar of good apricot jam, mix it with a little cinnamon, which I can thin with some orange juice and baste the ham with this while I heat at 325 for about 45 minutes uncovered till it reaches 140 degrees. I haven't opened it up as I don't want it to spoil before Saturday. Any other suggestions? Thanks!

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                        Don't reheat it uncovered, that will dry it out.

                        Cinnamon with ham sounds like a bad idea to me.

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                          I had the same thought, actually it goes well with lamb in a mousakka, but not ham. It might over power the ham..

                      2. don't freeze it, it'll end up about twice as salty as before.
                        As for serving it, I was raised to believe it's a sin to have ham without green beans (if someone has ever actually dared to do that?!?)

                        Leftovers? Ham + sourdough or rye + swiss + dijon mustard = really good sandwiches.

                        1. Duck sauce makes a nice glaze or mustard and honey
                          Remember leftovers for sandwiches, with eggs, in quiche
                          Freezing one more time is fine.

                          1. I have Dijon mustard, not brown mustard. Will it make that big a deal?

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                              If you like Dijon...I don't see a problem :)

                            2. In our family ham has been served the same way for generations....studded with whole cloves and covered with rings of pineapple. The smell from the kitchen is heavenly.

                              1. Well, thought I would report on the family's 1st ham. We had a large potluck buffet Saturday night, very impromptu. We supplied ham, condiments, and good quality sandwich buns. Friends brought salad, cole slaw, potato gratin (made with gryuere, very yummy), green beans with almonds and a 2 layer cake, Lots of ham was left, even though about 15-20 people showed up. Froze leftover in small sandwich size bags (we vacuum sealed). Thanks for all the advice and holding our hands through the ham experience!

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                                  I'm not a great ham lover but, it can be good. I have had luck making ham loaf with leftovers. You can find something in the joy of cooking. I made a glaze with mustard and apricot or a jezebel sauce...mustard, apricot, pinapple and horseradish. Pretty good really. Your left over ham is also good in eggs...when you make greens or beans instead of salt pork. It can help flavoring soups. There is always deviled ham. And then after many months there is always my favorite spot for leftovers...the trash can.
                                  Happy New Year.