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Dec 19, 2006 07:40 PM

Nice Jewish girls needs info on ham(LOL!)

Well, DH came home with Xmas gift from work - 7 lb. spiral sliced ham in cryovac, also a beautiful gift basket from Harry & David, but we know what to do with that! It's not from Heavenly Ham or Honeybaked Ham. We are not kosher, but I have never made anything with fresh pork or ham. We are not big ham eaters, but we decided to make it and invite some neighbors and friends and have a little holiday party on Sunday. So - what do I do with it? Have any dynamite ham recipes? Can I freeze leftovers? TIA!

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  1. Hmmm, love it! Very Tasty! It's likely pre-cooked and comes pretty much pre-seasoned as well. Do not add more salt. My Mother in law usually makes a brown sugar and pinneaple concoction. What are you going to serve with it? Definitly some mashed potato's, roasted brussel sprouts, wild rice.

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      College daughter is going to use it as basis for buffet get together for a bunch of friends. Was thinking some spinach tartlets (already in freezer) and shrimp w/ cocktail sauce for appetizers, a big salad, scalloped potato casserole, some type of vegetable and homemade biscuits. Plenty of holiday cookies in freezer (butter, rugelach, thumbprint) and maybe a cheesecake with raspberry sauce. I think it is already cooked, how long do I heat it, should I cover it or leave uncovered, what temperature does it need to get to? What proportions for glaze, we prefer savory to sweet - any suggestions?

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        A tablespoon or two of fresh horsradish plopped in the middle of the cocktail sauce is always a hit. The Heinz brand is pretty decent. A bit of lime or lemon mixed in the cocktail sauce is great as well. This gives it sort of a homemade flavor.

    2. How many people would a 7 lb. ham serve? She has about 15 on her list - will this be enough?

      1. USDA guidelines on ham.

        Ham is plenty salty, and smoky/sweet. Apples go well with all kinds of pork. A 7lb, precooked ham is plenty for 15 people.

        1. Half a pound per person is a good serving.

          I'm surprised they didn't include reheating instructions. Bring it to room temperature, then heat, covered, in a 325 degree oven, around 45 minutes to an hour, until the center is 140 degrees.

          1. Thanks! Anyone have tips on a basting sauce? I have a brand new jar of good maple syrup and I would like to use some of this. Also, can I freeze any leftovers?

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              I so not suggest "wasting" great maple syrup on a salty product like ham that has its own intense flavor, and that you are going to heat for a while. Save the good stuff for some great pancakes (or even latkes) As for a basting sauce- maybe sneak a piece after you unwrap- it may have been pre-seasoned. Then based on how it tastes, if it needs more "oomph"- a simple rubbing of a blend of orange marmalade thinned with citrus juice of your choice is very nice- perhaps with a touch of cinnamon or clove. Good luck!