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Dec 19, 2006 07:32 PM

$100 Williams-Sonoma Gift Card - - What would you buy?

The DH and I were given a gift card for the holidays. Our kitchen is stocked with the basics in cookware, bakeware and appliances, as well as dishes and glasses of all sorts. I'm wondering this, Chowhounds, if you were given this gift, what would you buy? I was thinking about the Russell Hobbs Immersion Blender ($99.95.) Look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Any kind of electric appliance is usually a good bet at WS because of their awesome extended warranty on electrics.

    1. I was admiring some beautiful cutting boards in there the other day.

      1. I got a WS gift card for my bday. It was the best present ever. I waited and thought about what I was going to buy, and when I went in there, I bought all kinds of extravagant spoonulas, wisks, etc. Yes, you can get this stuff at BB&B, but theirs are so much better. It makes me so happy just looking at them! It's the little things...

        1. If I had a well stocked kitchen, I would buy gifts for others with it, or regift the whole thing to one person, OR 2-$50.00 gift card.

          1. I have no experience with that particular immersion blender, but I recently acquired an immersion blender myself and was amazed how much easier it was to puree soup with it compared to a normal blender. The one caveat is that it was not completely smooth, but since I prefer my soup with a bit more texture I was very pleased with the results and the amount of work required. I always make a bit of mess transferring to and from the normal blender, but with the immersion blender my kitchen stayed clean.