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Dec 19, 2006 07:10 PM

The Old Brick cafe (New!) on Church Ave, in Kensington

There is a tiny coffeeshop/bar opening on the north side of Church Avenue, near East 5th Street called The Old Brick. I passed by on the weekend, and the folks inside said they would be open in a week or so (late December 2006), and serving espresso, beer, and finger foods. The interior is all done up with dark wood panels with cafe tables, and they seem to have some slick-looking espresso machines behind the bar.

I am really looking forward to another place opening up in this area. Does anyone else know the story behind The Old Brick?

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  1. I'd go very easy on my expectations for the (new) Old Brick...especially if you're female.

    Here's a guess and ONLY a guess: It's going to be a Balkan-type men's clubhouse much like the others we spoke about further down the Board about three weeks ago. Check out the Miami Cafe on Cortelyou for a clue...or possibly akin to the Albanian place which was on Church between Dahill & Chester (Samra, IIRC).

    Anyone for an icy cold one at Denny's Steak Pub?

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    1. re: Mike R.

      What is the deal with Denny's? I pass by it all the time but never ventured in.

      1. re: guspapp

        Aaahhh, DENNY'S,
        Where 16 year olds can share a drink with 60 year olds!!!!
        I used to meet up with my friends there before hopping the F Train into the City to hit Limelight on Sunday Nights!!!!
        I was 22...they were 19.....
        I Miss the 90's

        1. re: MikeNYPT

          DENNY's should be landmarked!

          Yes, you can hang there with the remaining bar locals and, for a special treat on summer weekends, observe the thousand Bangladeshi immigrants (100% male) gathering on the block.

          You can still watch the game, shoot pool, have a few rounds of Johnny & Coke or some ice-cold Buds and watch video crack a.k.a. Quick-Draw Lotto...but don't even think about ordering a steak...the last one they served was probably in the '60's...and (since I don't know enough Denny's history), I'm betting it was a tubesteak.

    2. I had a great steak at Denny's in 1990 :)It was a porterhouse.

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      1. re: Hungry4cake

        At one time, in the 1990's, the food there was good and used to draw local families and couples. They had a hard time retaining chefs and kitchen help and the kitchen finally closed completely. I really missed the meals I had there when the kitchen closed. Wish someone would reopen the kitchen there or a decent other place somewhere in the immediate neighborhood.

      2. Denny's is a work of art - Budweisers are still $2.50 and worth visiting if just for a piece of old New York like Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop or O'Connors in Park Slope if nothing else.

        1. Also, it would be great if a serious, sit-down restaurant opened on the Church Avenue/Fort Hamilton Parkway strip. I lived in Kensington until recently and, given the rapidly changing neighborhood, was surprised there were no places to sit down and have a meal apart from Yen Yen. It's surprising that Cortelyou Road has a thriving restaurant strip while Church Avenue still only has Yummy Taco and the ilk. Does anyone know why?

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          1. re: huskerdont

            Former Kensingtonians will recall that, until about five or six years ago, there was EDNA's Deli, SCAROLA's and (even longer ago) the Polish and Indian places between Dahill and Ocean Parkway, not to mention great institutions like Saul's Appetizing and N. E. Tell's Bakery.

            Sure you can also sit down at the E. 5th coffee shop, Korner Pizza, Joe & Joe's, Friendly's Chinese, the forever empty oddball Italian-Mexican hybrid El Gavilan and the "403", a Chinese-Mexican combo. And you can test the waters at Church & McDonald in the Bangladeshi places...But who WANTS to?...It's a take-away town.

            Church Avenue has what you NEED and that's a good thing, but is still bereft of that certain magic which will bring it into the Cortelyou class...perhaps you'd like to get the ball rolling! In fact, with the Fox Locksmith (believe it or not, in the same spot where Saul sliced his LOX!), optometrist, the weird Russian food place and (it seems likely one of the) clothing places vacated, Church Avenue will have quite the cluster of commercial vacancies. But PLEASE NO MORE 99cent stores or nail salons!

            IMO, a few uppity "sit-down" spots would do the 'hood good. In the meantime, we just can't wait until April and October when some local rabbi's semi-annual street fairs (crap-fests) bring the visiting sausage 'n' pepper, funnel cake and Mozzareppa gourmet delights to the strip.

            1. re: huskerdont

              The new Italian place on Church btwn McDonald and Dahill, Ambrosia, is actually not bad, despite that ridiculous fake fireplace/waving flames thing they've got in the alcove above the name out front.

              We're desperate for a restaurant, and they're desperate for customers, so might as well give it a try, no?

            2. Does anyone have any more info on when the Old Brick is actually opening? I walked by there today, still not open.