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Dec 19, 2006 06:57 PM

Love Magic Hat #9, Blue Moon, Hoegaarden, but need something new!

I love these three beers, and am looking for something new to try. Any suggestions?

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  1. You seem to be attracted to lighter fruity ales. If I were you my next stop would be German Weissbier (wheat beer). They have subtle flavors of clove and banana. You might find them to be similar to Hoegaarden but without the herbal character.

    1. Since you like witbier, I'd suggest Avery White Rascal, Ommegang Witte, Unibroue Blanche de Chambly, and Hitachino Nest White Ale. All are exemplary witbiers.

      1. Abita's "Purple Haze"
        Grant's HefeWeizen

        Hacker Pschorr dunkel weiss (for darker days)
        Brooklyn Blanche
        Victory Golden Monkey

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          Golden Monkey might be a bit strong but I love that stuff...if OP likes it, a world of Belgian beers awaits...

        2. Arrogant Bastard would certainly be something new!

          (ducking for cover)

          Seriously now, I'd echo the Ommegang Witte, as well as the Unibroue Éphemère. Oh, and Dogfish Head's ApriHop is quite tasty, though it might have a bit more of a hop bite than you'd like.

          1. UFO HefeWeizen and Long Trail Hibernator would be two choices you may enjoy.