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Where can I find Frogurt (plain, like they sell in Bloomingdale's in the city) in NJ? r/o

I'm looking for Frogurt or a frozen yogurt in NJ that tastes like plain Frogurt. Anyone have any ideas?

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  1. The only place I know of that has it (or had it; not sure if they still do) is Lord & Taylor dept. store. Try one in NJ to see if they do. I love Frogurt!!! None of that pseudo ice cream frozen yogurt for me - GIVE ME THE TANG!!

    Good luck.

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      I agree about the tang. There's nothing like Frogurt - I've loved it for years and years. They have it on LI at Saks Fifth Ave. in Huntington Station as well as at the Bloomingdale's in Roosevelt Field and, I think, at Lord & Taylor, too. In New Jersey, I'd advise calling all the department stores with restaurants. Funny, but I've never seen it anywhere but at a department store cafe.

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        $100 to the person that can find out where Bloomingdale's or Lord and Taylor buys their Frogurt mix from

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          From what I've been able to find out, it comes from:
          Wards Ice Cream Co Inc
          93 Sherwood Ave
          Paterson, NJ , 07502-1818
          Phone: 973-595-8100

          Its seems to be available in the following flavors:
          Butter Pecan
          Caribbean Coffee
          Peanut Butter

      2. I love the flavor! I like Pinkberry and their toppings, but I think Frogurt might actually be a little better. I've been searching for the Frogurt company website, but haven't had any luck.

        1. You can get Frogurt-plain at any Bloomingdale's & at the following locations: Cheese Bazaar-Esy's Cafe in Mamaroneck, NY; Grill 73 in Bernardsville, NJ; Yogurteria in Great Neck, NY; Cafe Lalo in Manhattan. Enjoy!!

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            Esy's cafe stopped selling it, sicne the new owners took over the place has gone to pot
            Also BLOOMIEs in WP changed the melba sauce brand they buy, it is like pink oil with no flavor, doesn't even coat the spoon,,, ugh!!!

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              I just had it @ Esy's the other day. Its still there and still verrry delicious!

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                I thought Esy's carried "Simply 8" another lo-cal frozen dessert - at least that's the claim of the giant sign in the front window I've seen for the past 2 1/2 years.

                Do they also sell Frogurt Momof3? Seems it would be redundant to carry both and take up quite a bit of space but if they do carry Frogurt, good to know.

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                  Laylag, they do have both. They have two machines with two spouts (?) each. The plain regular yogurt is there every day. It seems to be a huge hit with the local students and teachers. I myself often make a lunch out of it with fruit or nuts on top. Yum!

          2. funny you ask that - I just went to the yogurt place called Yolato. It is in the shopping on River Road in Edgewater, where they are putting the new Trader Joe's. The place actually has yogurt/gelato, the plain tastes just like it did at 40 Carrots in at Riverside Square Mall.

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              There is a Yolato in the Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus.

            2. Bloomingdales at the Short Hills Mall in Short Hills, NJ sells the same version as the Bloomies in NYC. The stand is located in the basement of the store in the home goods section.

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                I work in the mall and it's amazing how many people come out just for the yogurt. Although it is really good...

              2. In New City (Rockland Cty) there's a place called Rocket Wraps. They actually have a sign of the name brand & that it's the same one sold at Bloomingdales. They serve 2 flavors of it. Once I asked them how often they change the flavor & they told me when they sell out of one they change the mix to another flavor. It's really creamy! yum. They have a really good staff & I bet if you asked them to make the next flavor plain they'd do it for you.

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                    The street is 170 S. Main which actually is inside of the Clarkstown Mall (the strip mall). Like I said, they can do plain but they don't always have it. You need to speak to them about it.

                1. I realize it is not in NJ, but for others looking for Frogurt, it is also at Yogurteria in Great Neck.


                  1. the "frogurt brand" yogurt mix is an active culture yogurt sold to the stores from Sysco foods. It is packed 6/64oz frozen.

                    1. actually LAST LICKS icecream stores have it sometimes..we definatly have it in other flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter, coffeee, and its a snack that is satisfying yet healthy. They have stores in armonk, scarsdale, massapequa, and just opened in NYC. check it out they might have what your looking for! =)

                      1. This won't help those in NJ but for those in Central and Northern Westchester who love the Bloomingdales Frogurt, Penelope's in Chappaqua has at least two flavors daily from late spring to fall.

                        1. again, at Yolato in Edgewater, NJ on River Road. It basically the same as Bloomies yogurt.

                          1. Longford's in Larchmont just started carrying it. Not sure if its the low-fat or the newer no-fat version. Right now it's only vanilla and chocolate. The server told me they are "testing" right now and when they know how it goes will consider offering other flavors.

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                              Will they charge $7.00 for two teeny tiny scoops as they do for their ice cream? No thanks.

                              Bottom line, is Bloomie's marvelous yogurt available anywhere other than Bloomie's?

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                                Last Licks ice cream has it. Scarsdale-Golden Horseshoe SC Wilmot Rd, Armonk, Thornwood.

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                                  And now in Rye Ridge shopping center in Rye Brook/PC. However, that location calls it "Less Licks". Despite my reservations they insisted three times that it was, in fact, Frogurt. Seems odd to me that Frogurt, a trademark would allow one Last Licks location to rename its product. Also seems odd the other Last Licks locations would appropriately call it Frogurt. Very confusing and perhaps contributed to my evaluation that the Less Licks at Last Licks in Rye Brook didn't taste quite like or as good as the Frogurt at the Last Licks in Armonk and Scarsdale. Just my imagination?

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                                  as does esy's in mamaroneck as stated above.

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                                    I am a latecomer to the Frogurt frenzy but now that I've had it, I am addicted to it --- the plain flavor. I've been driving to Golden Horseshoe regularly and now that I've rediscovered this thread I will go to Esy's and get it.

                                    I'm not as big a fan of the flavored versions but had blueberry frogurt at the Last Licks in Armonk and it was awesome.

                              2. "TOSSED", which is a salad place, has it, in Livingston, NJ.
                                I had it today, coffee flavor, which is fabulous, but why can't I find a website for frogurt or the ingredients? Does anyone know the ingredients?

                                1. http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/...

                                  If all the claims are true, this is a 3 ingredient deliciousness.

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                                    I tried that recipe several months ago, and maybe I did something wrong, but it didn't taste a thing like Frogurt. It was terrible. I hope someone else tries it and lets us know if they have any luck with it.

                                  2. There's a Yolato in River Edge NJ on Kinderkamack Road as well.

                                    1. Igloo Italian Ice has Frogurt. They're in Monmouth County.
                                      Towne Shopping Center, Oakhurst, NJ 732.531.5422

                                      1. They have the Bloomies yogurt at the restaurant at Lord and Taylor in Paramus. Always plain and one other flavor, which rotates (love the coffee). There's also a Yolato that opened inside the Quiznos (weird, I know) on Route 17 South in Paramus...not as good as Bloomies, but still very good. They also always have plain and one fruity flavor. Finally, they opened a Red Mango in Palisdales Park.

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                                          Teanacious in Livingston Town Center has Frogurt.
                                          6145 Town Center Way
                                          Livingston, NJ 07039

                                        2. Bloomingdale's in short hills has it

                                          1. You can get it at the new Sedutto Ice Cream and Yogurt at 67 Garth Road in Scarsdale, New York. telephone 914-374-0760 Open til 10 PM every night and 11 PM on Friday and Saturday. They carry 6 flavors everyday including non fat vanilla, chocolate, coffee, peanut butter and also the Plain. They also have 5 flavors of the nonfat hard yogurt including nonfat chocolate peanut butter chip-only 100 calories per serving. Then they also have no sugar added ice cream and 35 flavors of super premium Sedutto ice cream.

                                            1. Oh they also have FREE DELIVERY at Sedutto between 12 and 9 PM with a $15.00 min-limited area-about 3 mile radius. It's pack in special mobile freezer to stay frozen. telephone 914-374-0760

                                              1. Zabar's!! (next to the main store)

                                                1. There's a place in New Brunswick on Easton Ave called Fruity Yogurt. They have the real unsweetened frozen yogurt as well as several other rotating flavors. Delicious.

                                                  1. I am so very sad to find out just today that Bloomingdales FROGURT is not longer made from the same ingredients! Well at least the one in the Short Hills Mall in NJ! evidently the either the company was sold which I think was Wards in Patterson, (nj) or the new supplier has changed the product completely!
                                                    Just last week when i was in there it was FROGURT, you can even see in the case the old packaging which comes in 1/2 gallon milk carton packaging has changed, it now is in those large plastic gallon jugs with nothing at all written on them! But more importantly before i noticed that it was the taste that brought me back to the counter, I immediately notice that something was WRONG it had a funny chemical taste not the clean tart taste that i am used to (after all i go on the average of 4 times a week for this stuff)! It is awful and it left a terrible after taste in my mouth!!! I am so disappointed, does anyone know of any other place close to the Summit/Short Hills area that carries it or something very comperable???

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                                                      I am reporting on the "new" (and long-awaited return of the) coffee yogurt at Bloomingdale's that I tried yesterday in NYC, It was horrible and did not taste anything like the former coffee frogurt. I used to travel an hour each way to have coffee yogurt in Bloomingdale's in Short Hills several times a week. With the new yogurt, I wouldn't eat it if they came to my door and served it to me on a silver platter for free. I don't understand why they changed the formula, and why they messed with a good thing. As they say, don't fix it if it isn't broken. Go back to the original formula before you lose your business!!!!!!!!!!

                                                    2. Just tried something today that might work for the OP and others looking for what we remember as the original kind of frozen yogurt...16 Handles in the Garden State Plaza Mall. Do-it-yourself on the yogurt and toppings bar, and they weigh it and charge by the ounce. I had the 'Eurotart ' flavor and was taken back to the 70s (?) when frozen yogurt tasted like that. They have everything from sauces and candy to FRESH fruit for toppings, too. And I had a perfectly reasonable snack for 2.50!

                                                      Garden State Plaza Mall
                                                      , Paramus, NJ 07652

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                                                        Can't even fathom how you kept it to 2.50--I always go way overboard there!! I like the eurotart--don't love it--but agree it's good in a pinch!

                                                      2. Treat Frozen Yogurt in Cross River NY has Frogurt: chocolate, vanilla, coffee, and plain.

                                                        1. Alan's Orchard in Westfield does the tangy frozen yogurt.

                                                          1. Mixed Greens & Grill (related to and in the same plaza as Mo Greens Roast House) has real Frogurt.