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Dec 19, 2006 06:52 PM

Needed: 'Super-Healthy' Cookbook recs

I'd like to buy my son a cookbook. He's fairly comfortable in the kitchen. The tough (albeit good) part is that he is VERY much into healthy eating- almost strictly lean meats, veggies, fruits. He obsesses over the amount of fat and quality carbs in his diet. Any creative cookbooks that cater to such disciplined tastes would be great. Creative use of alternatives to fats.. He loves all ethnic cuisines as well!


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  1. I like the Moosewood Low-Fat Cookbook. It has great recipes using unusual grains and different ethnic seasonings. It's vegetarian so I tend to substitute chicken for tofu.

    1. I recommend A Spoonful of Ginger, esp. if he likes Asian food.

      1. I just found a copy of Sally Schneider's "A New Way to Cook" at a used book store. It appears to have a number of good ideas for maximizing flavor while limiting fats. I also have her newest, Improvisational Cook, on order. I first heard of her via the NPR Splendid Table program.


        1. I like Martha Rose Shulman's Mediterranean Light, although it might not be disciplined enough for him. It has mainly southern French and Italian recipes. For me it's a good tradeoff between eating healthy food and eating authentic regional food.

          1. Hi-
            I actually love Sally Schneider's book (recommended by paulj). Just used a couple of recipes from it, and it's great! Interesting, VERY focused on preserving taste while reducing fat and varying the carbs...and fun to read, if you're already a reasonably experienced cook. Lots of "general suggestions."

            I disagree with the Moosewood rec, though. IMHO, the recipes are not well thought out and too complicated for the end result. Better to go with The Enchanted Broccoli Forest or another Molly Katzen book; she used to be with Moosewood and struck out on her own years ago.

            Finally, I really love Vegetariana, by Nava Atlas. Everything I've made over the years has been tasty, and most are a twist on "normal" vegetarian stuff.