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Dec 19, 2006 06:48 PM

peninsula hotel in hong kong

a co-worjker wants to get his in-laws a gift certificate to dine at the peninsula in HK (they're vacationing from San Francisco). is $1,000HKD a good amount? how much will that get? lunch, tea, dinner salad?

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  1. Barely enough for lunch at the main restaurants like Gaddis. Ok for lunch at the Chinese restaurant. More than enough for afternoon tea at the famous lobby lounge. Forget about dinner! At an average of around HK$250+ for appertizers and HK$350+ for entrees, one can run up quite a tap!!

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      Was checking out the Peninsula last month for afternoon tea. The service staff were surly and the ambiance very stuffy and dusty feeling. We ended up going to the Intercontinental which compared like night and day. Warmly welcomed by staff and a great harbour view in a bright and lively room. Price for the afternoon tea set was about the same as well.

      1. re: wizenhymmer

        Tea at the Pen is a joke: Chock-a-block full with tourists off of cruise ships who HAVE to have tea at the Peninsula. Lots of baseball caps. For me, nothing beats the Clipper Lounge at the Mandarin.