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Dec 19, 2006 06:45 PM

The Melting Pot: bad expensive food

I know this belongs on the Chains board, but I'm hoping the mods will let it linger a bit before moving it or perhaps move it but leave a link behind on the Boston board.

I was dragged there last night. The prices are outrageous and the food is not very good. I actually prefer going to restaurants where trained chefs do the cooking for you, rather than purchasing plates of raw food and having to cook it myself at the table.

I guess the concept has proven to be very popular. Why is beyond me.

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  1. Hi Blumie,

    Did you go to the Melting Pot in Framingham? I agree the prices are a bit up there. However, it can be a fun evening with friends talking as you cook and enjoying your meal. What did you have? What exactly didn't you enjoy besides having to cook it yourself? I know it can seem a bit overwhelming with all of the sauces and if you chose oil the batters.

    1. Ugh, I concur. The cheese separates after about 20 minutes into an oil slick atop protein, the chocolate burns too easily, and the price, for what you get, is ridiculous.

      1. I tried it once in Scottsdale, AZ. The experience was fun, but the food was not memorable. I'd rather use my fondue pot at home, save money, and have more control over the ingredients.

        1. I'll say that we had a fun night out here, but it was more entertainment than good food. You're right about the price! ALL THAT MONEY for food that isn't even cooked. Just think of all the money they save in kitchen equipment they don't have to buy.

          1. This is my all time worst dining experience. Cheap ingredients (veggies not fresh and clearly bought pre-cut, farmed salmon), the horrible "upselling" service, all the fondues tasted the same (bland), and it was expensive! Ugh. Just the memory makes me shudder.