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Dec 19, 2006 06:44 PM

looking for bone-in smoked pork shoulder (aka picnic ham)

I've tried Healthy Butcher, Cumbrae's Church St., Meat on the Beach, and Whitehouse Meats and none of them do this, just regular hams. Can anyone suggest where to try next?

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  1. Don't ever remember seeing bone in picnics anywhere in Toronto. Even Boneless are scarce. Best bet would be Czehowski (sp) on Queensway at Islington or Hugo's at Queensway and Royal York. Brandt's meats or Starsky in Mississauga ( both near dundas and Hwy 27 )are other possibilities.

      1. i bought one back in November at Highland Farms in Mississauga (Hurontario and Eglinton area). It was delish.

        1. Highland farms usually has them, bone in. Not smoked though. There is also Toronto Wholesale Meats off Rogers that I buy my shoulders from. I buy whole ones to smoke but you could probably just get the picnic.

          Heck, you could buy the whole thing, have it cut in half, smoke the picnic and have them grind the butt and make sausage with it.


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            Can you recommend anything else from Toronto Wholesale Meats? I've never been in--it just seemed like such a weird location to have a butchers.

            1. re: mikeb

              I've bought ribs, turkey (Maple Leaf) steaks, shoulders and ground beef from them. All has been first rate. Good prices too.

              It's clean inside. The first time I went there they took me into the meat freezer and showed me their stuff. It was nice to see.
              The usually cut to order which is good. They'll also special order for you.


          2. Sobey's usually has a bone-in smoked pork shoulder from Quebec.
            SOmetimes the same product is in Loblaws or Price Chopper. They are fairly small, picnic cuts, nicely cured and great eating after simmering to 180F.