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Dec 19, 2006 06:33 PM

lunch near the Brooklyn Museum

Will be visiting NY from Chicago in a few weeks and need to find a place for lunch near the Brooklyn Museum. Any suggestions appreciated.

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  1. This topic comes up a lot. Posts from the last 12 months -

    Since the Botanic Garden is right next to the Museum these posts should also apply -

    1. Nothing wrong with lunch AT THE GARDENS...inside the exhibition building.

      Recommended: Chili, soups, potato salad, sandwiches and iced tea.

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      1. re: Mike R.

        I agree. I recently had a nice bowl of soup at the Gardens.

      2. A new contender, though at the wrong end of the Botanic Gardens, would be Cafe Enduro--51 Lincoln Place. Casual Mexican, with a full bar, and the promise of a working fireplace (hasn't been working yet). Should be a strong contender if your train is the B/Q at Prospect Park (go to the South end). Similarly, KDog and Dunebuggy right next door--sandwiches and soups, plus coffees, teas and baked goods.

        1. There are a couple of newish places that don't seem to have cropped up yet:
          Try Cheryl's Global Soul on Underhill Ave, just off Eastern Parkway, a short walk toward Grand Army Plaza. Great soups and sandwichs and a daily lunch entree. All of their soups/salads/sandwiches can be combined into a half&half plate. They have a dinner menu, too, that's more extensive.
          Cafe Shane, a couple of blocks down Washington (right near the old standby, Tom's Restaurant), has a good lunch menu, too.
          The Museum cafe has recently been renovated and the new catering outfit is a definite improvement, so consider giving it a try.

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          1. re: dwythe

            I would second Cheryl's in large part because of thier back garden which is lovely and verdant.

          2. Cafe Enduro is really good, but once you're in that area, why not try one of the great roti places? That whole area is a festival of west indian cuisine.

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            1. re: BKchompchomp

              What are a couple of the good ones in your opinion? Trini, Guyanese or Jamaican? And what fillings?