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Dec 19, 2006 06:03 PM

the good ole' standby: ramenya (ramen review)

as i eat my way through L.A.'s ramen shops, i've finally made it to ramenya in west L.A. this place has a lot of history for me, and over the years i've loved it, grown ambivalent about it, and lately, found an appreciation for it yet again. (too much thick broth ramen occasionally makes me turn to the lighter, "healthier" stuff i guess haha). ramenya has one of the few shoyu broth ramens in town that is actually somewhat flavorful, although i've been there on occasions when it was as bad as can be. their noodles have always been consistent, though, which is a good thing. their ajo ramen is also pretty good, though that's about it. one thing that's always irritated me is their cash only policy, anyone know if they've changed that yet? ramenya gets a 16 out of 30; by local standards that's pretty good. here are the pics and details...

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  1. As far as I know, it's still cash only. I did notice they're now open seven days a week now. I used to go there at least once a week but hadn't gone in the last ten months. I went back a few weeks ago and had the best shrimp omlette ramen. It was definitely more tender and better made than ever before (and it was great before). It's too bad their gyoza are still bad though.

    1. their roast pork is pretty tasty.

      1. What!? I'm only a 16 out of 30? ><

        1. The roast pork is tasty, but there's no way I would pick Ramenya over Santouka.

          1. I prefer Hakata Ramen and Daikokuya but I love Ramen-ya's varied selection. Yeah, their broth isn't the best but where else can you get Ajo Ramen? I also love their shrimp omelet. It is a good ole standby!