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Dec 19, 2006 05:58 PM

Modesto Redux (Asheville)

So, with trepidations, we tried Modesto again for lunch on Saturday. The menu is quite different now, a much larger selection. It is broken into cold antipasti, hot antipasti, salads, pastas, pannini, pizza. I did not see the dinner menu. I believe that the prices are lower now.

The wines appear to be the same, but the 1/2 glass option is gone.

Lots of things looked good, I limited myself to the Roasted Delicata Squash w/ Mint Vinaigrette app ($4.50) and the watercress salad w/ duck confit ($7.something). Both items were good. They brought us bread and a nice green good-quality olive oil.

My husband surprised me by ordering pizza. I thought we had determined that pizzas were Modesto's weak link. Jeff liked his sopresetta pizza reasonably well, and I did too. It had fresh mozerella which always makes me more receptive to a pizza. The crust had been brushed w/ some basil-ish olive oil, and was thus made somewhat more flavorful. It's still not the greatest crust I ever had, but it's OK if you're in a mood for pizza. Personally, I was hoping he would order the risotto.

Outside tables are now available, which we utilized (thrilling in December). Service was good.

I think it's safe to return to Modesto. There were several other things on the menu I was interested in trying. I suggest giving it a shot but ordering something other than pizza.

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  1. Thanks, Danna. I look forward to trying Modesto soon. One more question, though: What (if anything) is offered for dessert?

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    1. re: Jeff C.

      Sorry, I do not know. I am obsessed with the new cupcake place next to Salsa. Very, very good (and beautiful) cupcakes. Fantastic whoopie pie as well. Quote my husband "I cannot believe you ate that whole, giant thing."

      Before that, I was obsessed w/ Ultimate Ice Cream. I therefore never bother to look at dessert menus in Asheville ;-)

      1. re: danna

        Are you talking about the new place the Sisters McMullen opened on the corner across from Pack Square? I haven't been in yet, but if the cupcakes are as good as their donuts, then they are yummy indeed!

        1. re: Jeff C.

          Yes, Sisters McMullen. Too bad the doughnut place has such limited hours, that's what my husband would prefer to a cupcake.

    2. Fyi - Battery Park bistro does 3 miniature (different flavor/toppings) homemade cupcakes as part of their dessert menu.
      I love the Sister Mc. whoopie pies, remind me of home (Lancaster County) and the Amish Farmers markets.

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      1. re: leahinsc

        I don't beleive I've ever had a whoopie pie. What is it? (Hope it's better than a MOON Pie!)

      2. Rounds of chocolate cake-like filled with white whipped creamy filling (probably full of trans fats!) - looks like a sandwich

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        1. re: leahinsc

          As long as it's not marshmallow I'll give it a whirl!

          1. re: mark

            Thanks for posting. That was an interesting review.

            I had recently decided I liked the new reviewer Hanna a lot better than McKenzie, but although I found the Modesto review entertaining in spurts, I found it annoying as well. Bits of it strike me as pretentious.

            Funny she had the same "whole" fish problem I did. I actually sent a "whole trout" back that was a filet. I heard them discuss it in the kitchen. Why the hell can't they just remove the word "whole" if they aren't going to serve a whole fish? ????

            And the waiter was criticizing the food? Unbelievable. I certainly do wish they could get it in gear. I may have to hold my hands to the glass and look for Hector in the kitchen before I decide to eat there in the future. Apparently the staff cannot function unsupervised.