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Dec 19, 2006 05:54 PM

Chile Rellenos

It has been awhile since I've made these. I'm using poblanos and they are now resting in a bag sweating to allow for easier skin removal.

I like mine made with cheeses only, and have plenty of all kinds mexican queso included.

I will slit them when cool to remove the membrane and seeds, and then stuff with a mix of mexican cheese. But the the last time I made these the batter was too egge for me.

I'm wondering if anyone has a good batter recipe for rellenos that would be more consistent with a light fluff texture but less egg. Also we like the brothy type of sauce to serve with them.
Spicy and hot recipe is welcome!! I did check one of Rick Bayless's recipes but it didn't look like what I'm looking for.

Thanks - Sherry

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  1. puffy/spongey=eggs. You could leave out some yolk, but the beaten egg whites folded into the flour gives the loft. Try adding a pinch of baking powder sifted into the flour/salt mixture for extra puff.

    light/crispy=tempura style

    three batter options:
    1) Thin & Crispy:
    separate 5 eggs, and beat the whites with 1 tsp salt until firm and soft peaks. Using the same beater, beat yolks until thick fold them into the whites and use immediately. Holding the stem, dip into batter and fry in 1/4" hot oil turning once.

    Separate 3 eggs, beating whites till soft peaks. Beat yolks with 1 T water, 3 T flour, 1/4 t. salt until thick and creamy; fold in whites. Dip chiles, place on a saucer and slide into 1 1/2" hot oil, turning once.

    3) Omelete-like
    Separate 4 eggs, beat whites till soft peaks. Beat yolks with 4 T flour, 1 T water and 1/4 t salt. In a buttered omelet pan, make an oval mound of about 1/2 c of the mixture. Lay on a chile and spoon a bit less of the batter over the top. Cook 2-3 minutes and turn.

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    1. re: toodie jane

      #2 Exactly right thanks!! Thats what I was hoping for, although I like the way #1 sounds also. I appreciate you getting back to me!

      By the way I'd forgotten that poblanos have a mild to medium burn, my fingers are burning from peeling the charred skin!

    2. foodie jane, I just made the rellenos with #1 batter suggestion. Just wanted to give you feedback that the batter is nice, crispy as you said and since I am serving them a little later, was hoping to keep some of crunch with the sauce. They look and smell outrageously good.

      Thanks again for the batter suggetions!

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      1. re: chef chicklet

        can't take credit except for remembering where to look it up!
        What kind of sauce did you settle on?

        Sometimes I make a light roux and add chicken broth or pork broth to thicken and add one of my many hot sauces for the heat/flavor factor. Makes a nice change from a chile roja enchilada-type sauce.

      2. it was a mexican red sauce, with chicken broth - it was very light. The poblanos were very spicy! I use chilies all the time, these were exceptionally good poblanos with a great kick, the mexican cheese that I made a mix with, monterey, a little mozzerella for the string/chewy top was a good idea. A really good mexican cheese though, very fragrant and flavor.

        For rellenos, I really prefer the lighter broth like tomato sauce that I can only seem to get at this one little restaurant and I was trying to copy it. Was not even close, but still good.

        Hubby gave the thumbs up!!!

        1. What kind of cheese or cheeses are best? Jack?

          nevermind- I found this thread.