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One Nice Meal In Maui

Looking for one great meal in maui (does not have to be expensive to be great). I do not mind spending a couple of $$$ for a really good meal.

Also please give any favorite "local" spots.

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  1. For a "nice" meal, most people love Mama's Fish House in Paia. I was just there a couple of months ago and I have to say that the best meal I had in the entire two weeks was at Saigon Cafe in Wailuku. There's no sign on the building (just Christmas lights and a star) and it's definitely a local hot spot. We went back several times and it's definitely worth the trip! Plus, if you're near the airport area at all, it's not that far out of the way. Enjoy your stay!

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      Thanks, Guess by "nice" I should have said the one best place on the island.

    2. I would go to Spago and make sure that Cameron Lewark is in the kitchen.
      Tell your server you want him to cook something just for you, I can tell
      you this is the way to go and you will not be dissapointed. He blew us
      away this year, just unbelievable, don't listen to some of the negatives
      that are so often repeated here. Bon Appetit!

      I would also go to Hailiimail General Store, worth the senic drive!

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        Spago wasn't in existance on my last trip to Maui, but I've heard very good reports. I will second the comment on the Hali`imaile General Store. Bev Gannon is great and this is a spot well worth the drive for either lunch or dinner.

        In Lahina Town, my best meal has been at David Paul's, but that was some time back. Pacific-O's has always been a favorite for slightly down-scale dining.


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          We had a great meal at Pacific 'O on our last trip there. Incredibly fresh fish, interesting preparations, and a lovely ambience.

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            Pacific O' would be my choice for nice view, great ambiance and wonderful food.

        2. I just had to add my 2 cents worth................ we just visited Maui in February. We loved loved loved our Roy's dinner. No view but a terrific meal from beginning to end.

          Roy's - Kihei
          (808) 891-1120 303 Piikea Ave., Bldg. 1
          Kihei, HI 96753

          1. I really feel Spago is totally over rated - a small sad shell of the original & shadow of the Beverly Hills location. Just don;t get why people think this is acceptable food. Ever had the wine - paired tasting menu at the BH Spago?

            1. Ahhhhhh, and I was under the impression record players no longer existed
              to cause recordings to skip over and over again.

              1. My favorite nice dinner restaurant, by far, is the Maalaea Waterfront. The best caesar salad I've ever had. The fish is incredible as is the rack of lamb. Every visit, we must end our trip with a meal here.

                Maalaea Waterfront Restaurant
                50 Hauoli Street
                Lunch Sun-Fri 11:30-1:30
                Dinner from 5 pm daily
                (808) 244-9028

                One other place you must try is Honokowai Okazuya & Deli by Kapalua on Lower Honoapiliani. The best lemon caper mahi mahi and chicken katsu ever. It's a small spot with a few tables outside (or counter space)...inexpensive, fantastic food.

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                  Yes! i agree with you on this one. The Waterfront is really a must visit! Nice
                  family owned establishment and everything noted is true.

                2. For a nice restaurant, I like David Paul's. If you lust after lobster risotto like I do, you can ask them to make it if it's not on the menu. For casual good fish, I like Alexander's in Kihei near the Union 76 and Food Land. In Paia, check out the Paia Fish Market on the corner of the main drag. Both of these have fresh fish at great prices. The joint in Paia serves wine and beer and the place in Kihei is more of a lunch spot.

                  1. We were on Maui in October. We used our Entertainment book for dinner on the next dinner and had a stunning meal at Chez Paul, just south of Lahaina. We saved $39 on entrée. The restaurant is small and really looks like something you would find in Paris. The wait staff was attentive but not overbearing and we dined royally on escargot for DH, lobster bisque for me, DH had a seafood in parchment called “ménage a trios” with so much seafood and fish that he had a big grin on his face the whole time he consumed it. {Not sure if it was the fresh fish which we can’t get in SW or the name of the dish!} and I had a delicious duck. DH had a chocolate flourless cake and I had a pineapple tartan. Truly this was an excellent meal.

                    1. David Paul's was great though it's been a few years.
                      I do recall a superb tasting menu, awesome bread, and friendly service.

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                        I think that it was in an earlier thread, that someone mentioned that David Paul was no longer affiliated with the restaurant, that carries his name. It has been a while, since I dined there, but it was the highlight of West Maui dining for us. When I'm there next, I'll check it out and do a critique. I hope I can still find my notes from the previous visit.


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                          It has been years and years and years since he sold the establishment. He was doing a radio
                          show and had a bed and breakfast situation up in Kula at his home, he had a beautifully
                          furnished cottage for guests, complete with goats on property! He most recently is chef
                          for Kukio resort community next to Hualalai cooking exclusively for the Kukio community
                          and not the public. I'll never forget our meals when he was there and the many times we've
                          seen him at various food events, his food is stellar!

                      2. We go to David Paul's yearly and the food last year was still great. Get there at 6 when they open and sit at the bar!!