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Eastern Standard

Going for the first time tomorrow night to celebrate our anniversary. What's not to be missed on the menu?

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  1. Everything on the menu that I have tried has been great. The mussels are wonderful, as is the salmon. My husband enjoys the porkchop. The raw bar is always very good. Truth be told though, they have one of the best burgers in Boston. Not exactly what you want to have on your anniversary I imagine, but it is DELICIOUS.

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      I think they have pretty good bartending and have also thoroughly enjoyed their burger. Their raw bar is good. I've had their shellfish platter that was great.

    2. bone marrow, beef heart salad, meatloaf, steak frites, chacuturie. and of course the oysters and fab drinks.

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          Usually terrines and pate and cured meats - stuff like that. I had Easter Standard's sampler for lunch one day - WOW! Very good.

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              Oh yes - that was DEEEEEEELISH! I don't recall having it on other charcuterie plates in the past, just at Eastern Standard. I really liked it.

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            Here's a pic from Eastern Standard (they used to call it a "Good Plate of Offal"), selection varies, always good.


        2. For cocktails my favorites are:
          Jack Rose
          Au Provence

          For food I can't seem to stop ordering the Boston Bibb Salad and the Grilled Cheese!

          The Raclette appetizer is very good (when is warm gooey cheese not good!?)

          1. It's brasserie fare served in a very handsome, bustling room, the menu a pastiche of casual French, Italian, and American: not especially high on technique or presentation, but very solid nonetheless. Some dishes I've had that I liked: pate on baguette sandwich, roasted chicken, liver and onions, salt cod fritters, the offal plate (though ask what's on it, it may push your vittles tolerance), a special of grilled tilefish with a wonderful tomato concasse.

            I find some sides weak, tending to drown in butter. Frites are okay, not top-drawer, a disappointment for this kind of place. I like the burger patty, but not the brioche they serve it on.

            Extraordinary bartending: learned, passionate, skillful, creative. Get there early enough to have a drink and a conversation with the staff at the bar. I think there's a dropoff in service quality from the bar to the dining room.

            Despite the nits I've pointed out, you should have a wonderful time. Happy anniversary!

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              The bartending is fantastic there, and I agree that service does drop off when you leave the bar. Really do try to go early enought to enjoy a cocktail. Another cocktail worth trying is the Pelican.

              I second the salt cod fritters. The oysters and shellfish platter are terrific and wonderfully presented. The beet salad is very good. The steak tartare is very good, although occasionally served too cold.

              For entrees the pork chop is solid. I'm not sure what the special is tomorrow night... I've had the meatloaf and the lamb shank and they were both very good and an excellent value.

              I love this place. You should have a wonderful anniversary meal there. Be sure to finish it off with their bread pudding - SINFUL!

            2. The warm frisee salad with lardons and hazelnuts is breath-taking. And it's rare I disagree with MC Slim above, but I have to disagree on his comment, "not especially high on technique or presentation." Perhaps that depends on what's been ordered? I've been very impressed, and haven't had a dish that was a stinker there yet. Even on a bustling evening. You'll have a great time!

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                My comment probably came across as more dismissive than intended. I mean to say that ESK's food is comparatively unfussy, with fairly simple preparations and sauces. It mostly eschews rarified ingredients, complex sauces, and elaborate platings. That's mostly a virtue in my book.

                I just wanted to make sure the OP wasn't expecting dishes like L'Espalier's grilled quail with duck ravioli and veal tongue pastrami in parsnip broth. L'Espalier's bank-breaking cuisine is fun every other year or so. ESK's comparatively unrefined, less labor-intensive cooking is plenty delicious, yet much more affordable, which makes it a far more useful restaurant to me.

              2. I've been a fan of Eastern Standard since they opened.

                With Jackson Cannon as bar manager, they have some of the best cocktails in the city. They have an extensive list with helpful descriptions, including many pre-prohibition cocktails as No 9 does. Some favorites are, of course, the Jack Rose (which I was thrilled to find here on my first visit), the Red Hook and Green Point, Aviation, their 'Old Fashioned' made with infused Diabolique, Negroni, Sazerac, and Periodista. BTW, they also make excellent classics like the Margarita, Mai Tai, and a great Hot Toddy. Ha, as you can see, we tend to eat at the bar.

                E almost always orders the same - the Veal Schnitzel with a side of creamed spinach. I usually get the daily special, or the pasta dish - the chef has a nice hand with homemade pasta. For apps, they have great oysters, and we usually get the baked raclette. As Lissy mentioned, on a winter day, you can't beat a pan of hot oozy cheese, served with cornichons and bread.

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                  mmm the raclette is awesome. It smells fantastic too, nice and stinky. The offal is great as well. One day I had a corned beef tongue that was out of this world.

                  fyi: the burger is so delicious due to the fact that the chef stuffs the burger with some butter. This is a nice little trick that I use when grilling burgers at home.

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                    I've never tried the burger. In fact, I think I'll have to fit in a lunch at ES this week.

                    I do the same trick with my burgers at home (though I make a compound butter with a bit of minced garlic and jalapenos). Mmmm...butter

                2. I'm very excited to be spending New Years Eve there. Beside the above reccomendations, I give high praise to their Foie Gras as well. Generally speaking, I think you will find it very tough to go wrong.

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                  1. They have a new dish that is absolutely not to be missed. Baekoffe -- an Alsacian Beef Stew with carrot, tomato, lamb, pork, and tripe. Served in cast-iron, covered with browned breadcrumbs.

                    I also highly reccomend the steak tartare, bone marrow, offal and mussles.

                    1. I usually end up sitting in the bar and sharing the grilled cheese and frites with a friend as a sort of bar snack (I think the frites are usually great--only once were they sort of meh).

                      I liked the steak frites as well, but the pickled vegetables served with it didn't do much for me.

                      1. I agree with all the above. And note that if you are celebrating as a couple, you can sit at the bar, shoulder to shoulder, and have the best of everything the place has to offer (service, great staff, probably some comps, ability to share, and an intimate space -- at least that's how I see it). I much prefer that to the dining room. Don't forget the cassoulet, yummmmm.

                        1. Thanks for all the recs. Can't wait!! :)

                          1. The rigatoni with pink sauce and lamb sausage is to DIE for, by the way. I go to Eastern Standard quite frequently and never wanted to order it because who wants Italian at a Brasserie type place, but when I finally did I regretted that I hadn't ordered it sooner!

                            1. LOVED ES!!!! Had a drink at the bar and then got a cozy romantic table in the dining room for dinner. Service was superb ALL evening. The dish of fennel in a vinaigrette served w the bread was simple but amazing. I ordered another bowl of it :). We began the meal w the Bibb and the Green salad. Lettuce was fresh, cold and the dressing was perfectly seasoned. I had the roasted monkfish w rabe, black eyed peas and turnip. I just about licked the plate. Hubs had the hamburger. Admittedly the chef has a heavy hand w the salt....but then again salt is good :) Portions were generous and we had no room for dessert. I rarely want to return to a restaurant b/c there are ALWAYS new places to try and my list is endless. However I'm making an exception this time. CAN"T wait to return. Thanks for all the help in making this an anniversary to remember.

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                                Thanks for reporting back, and I am so glad you had a great time. We always have a great time at Eastern Standard too, your post is a reminder that it's been a while and we're overdue for a visit!