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Dec 19, 2006 05:08 PM

Rockridge/College Ave spoiled us. HELP us in San Leandro

We are so spoiled, used to drive down College Ave and just pick anyplace to eat and it was good. Right now we can't do that. Our home in Rockridge is being remodeled. We are in a house in San Leandro for 2 to 3 months. Where are some good spots to eat? We find mostly chains, and even for chains they are so bad. We found a good Mexican, Titos I think, and a very nice Italian, Paradiso. Both places had good food and good service.

What else is out there? We eat most anything,Philly Cheese Steak to truffles; Korean, Chinese, Thai, Bar B Q. If the food is really good, price is a minor consideration.

There has to be some Chow worthy places. The grocery near us has great produce, deli, meat. They eat well here, but where when they aren't cooking?

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  1. My dad lives there so I've eaten there a lot.

    Paradiso is San Leandro's closest thing to a Rockridge-type restaurant.

    Daimo is good Chinese (somewhat different menu from the Richmond branch).

    I haven't tried the San Leandro Ohgane but the Oakland branch is my favorite Korean place in the area.

    Joaquin Deli makes good tri-tip sandwiches and the like.

    My dad eats at Luke's Grill and Emil Villa's all the time.

    Unfortunately the great BBQ place, Perry's Food for the Soul, closed.

    This is a pretty exhaustive list, though I don't share her taste:

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Thanks Robert for the list of restaurants and the reviews. We will be trying many of these places. We like the Ohgane on Broadway. I had forgotten they are in San Leandro also. Maybe we won't have to cook every night afterall. We can find good eats here. The reviewer does seem to have narrow taste. But at least there is a list to work from.

    2. I highly recommend La Pinata on Merced. Both the combination plates and the wet buritto are excellent.

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      1. re: Raidermatt

        Some of the food there is kind of gloppy. And the wait can be ridiculous.

      2. Consider yourself lucky to have Daimo in your town. Smokes any Hong Kong-style restaurant in Oakland -

        1. Don't expect anything decent to eat at the Englander. Wide beer selection and very popular for sports, but the food is truly awful.

          But do go to Ricky's for football. You'll have a cultural experience that you can't experience in Rockridge.

          1. If you like hanging out in coffeehouses, Zocalo on Bancroft near Dutton is nice in an urban neighborhood coffeehouse way.