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Dec 19, 2006 05:01 PM

Best Indian Experience in Toronto???

I am looking for the best Indian experience in Toronto....By experience, I mean Food (most importantly), atmosphere and service. I want to have an authentic experience.

Usually for Indian, I go to North of Bombay, in the West end (Dundas St. W. near Keele) or The Hora Tikka House in the East end (near Jarvis/Wellesley, i think).

Please help me out finding the absolute best of the best Indian restuarant, price is no option!


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  1. I've had great meals at Rashnaa (Cabbagetown), Little India (Queen & McCaul), Lahore Tikka House (Gerrard East), Udipi Palace (Gerrard East) and Chef of India (Yonge & Eg).

    I've been The Host a few times, and though the food was good, I found it strange to be in an 'upscale' environment. Seeing as I grew up eating Indian food, I guess it's no surprise there.

    Doing a search on any of the restaurant names above will yield some good opinions from other 'hounds.

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      Thank you very much xtal! Very helpful!

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        I second "Chef of India!" I love that place!

      2. Rashnaa, Lahore Tikka House are my 2 favourite places in Toronto that remind me of Mom/Aunt's cooking.

        At lahore tikka house, please try the beef or lamb kabobs, the saag and the chicken biryani/tikkas
        Walk out with some kulfi.

        At Rashnaa, the biryani is fantastic with the complimentary curry. Try the Masala dosa if you're hungry, with some coconut chutney and sambar.

        The fish cutlets are unbelievable and just how mom makes them
        Clean it all up with some vatalappam (brown sugar custard) or creme caramel

        1. Another vote for Lahore here. They even nail the ambiance just right with the fluorescent lights and plastic cutlery. To be completely honest, other places around little India and the rest of Toronto proper tend to leave me a little disappointed. Too much sugar and creme in many of the recipes. I heard Trimurti on Queen W is OK though. Have any other hounds been there?

          If your tastes run more of the south Indian/Sri Lankan variety, you need to check out the Hopper Hut at Kennedy/Ellesmere. I get the fiercest cravings for the sweet hoppers with sugar and milk in the middle. Having been to Sri Lanka myself, I can say that this place is the real deal.

          Another spot that I think offers up an authentic experience is Bituntha Navam (I hope I'm spelling that right), but it's all the way out in Mississauga. If you're out there for whatever reason, it's worth checking out. Dundas/Hurontario area.

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            I went to Trimurti recently, and wasnt blown away. Maybe I ordered the wrong thing. Dont get me wrong, it was good, maybe even very good, but I think I like sher e punjab on the danforth better.

          2. I and my happy tummy recommend Indian Kitchen on Yonge St and Clark (North of Steeles). It's well worth the drive. Aside from an addictive Butter chicken with garlic naan, I also had saag paneer and for the first time tried Moglai Koftha.


            1. Biriyani House at Wellesley and Yonge is quite good for a more high-end place. For regular fare I'd hit Lahore or Mahar on Gerrard, Trimurti on King, or Brar Sweets at Albion and Islington (the latter is veg only but is amazing!)