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Dec 19, 2006 04:58 PM

Fun & Delicious East Village Restaurant for Birthday Dinner

Taking a friend out to dinner tonight - there will be four of us, and looking for a fun & delicious restaurant in the East Village. We were going to go to Momofuku Ssam, but it's looking like that will be too tight for the four of us. Recommendations please?!

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  1. I always enjoy the food and vibe of Cacio e pepe when I am in the EV.

    1. Are you saying the original Momofuku is too small, or Ssam Bar? I've never seen Ssam Bar full up although it has gotten kinda close to full during the late night menu.

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        Hmm okay, I'm going to check out Ssam. Thanks.

      2. Xunta - Spanish on 1st ave (and maybe 11th street-ish). Cheap, lively, great tapas. Inexpensive wines and sangria.

        1. Esperanto, which is on Avenue C I believe, has tasty Latin American food and a festive atmosphere.

          1. I think Supper on 2nd (A/B) is a fun place with solid food. I'm a fan of the cacio e pepe.