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Dec 19, 2006 04:57 PM

Temperature to reheat food

What is the best temperature to reheat prepared foods. I have seen mention of 425 to 475 to flash reheat without recooking, but that sounds like it is for a plate of food. What would you use for a platter of sliced meat, or a tray full of potato pancakes, etc.?

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  1. microwave it covered on low power, 30 to 50%, for 30 sec. ck it, adjust time.

    1. Food reheats wonderfully, covered, in an oven set to a temperature of about 200 degrees. It just takes a bit longer. Reheating foods at 425 - 475, especially if they're uncovered, will dry out the exposed surface before it heats the food completely through. But for covered foods that temperature will get the job done. For potato pancakes, uncovering them for the last few minutes of reheating will reduce the moisture the might accumulate while reheating in a covered vessel.
      Using a microwave for reheating isn't as easy as it may appear. It's not difficult to overcook the surface of the food before the center gets anywhere close to warm and the difference between settings on microwave ovens (low - high) can be quite dramatic, depending on the power output of the appliance. Your machine might bring a cup of water to a boil in on its highest setting within 2 minutes while mine, different manufacturer/different power outputs, may do the job more quickly or take longer than 2 minutes.
      You will find some restaurants using microwave ovens for reheating and other tasks. IMO, those devices have no place in a professional kitchen unless someone on staff needs to reheat a cup of coffee.