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Dec 19, 2006 04:57 PM

Good Hummus & Tabouli on the Westside?

I need to offer some vegetarian options at a New Year's Eve party. Hummus and Tabouli usually go over pretty well. Can anyone recommend a good supplier in the Venice, Marina, Santa Monica area? Thanks!

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  1. I like Gaby's Mediterranean, there's one on Venice by Motor and another on Washington by Pacific.

    1. Sunnin is also a good choice for great veggie appetizers -- including wonderful hummus --It is located on Westwood and Santa Monica Blvd. Trader Joes also has great hummus.

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        Don't miss the bean appetizer called foul. Don't be put off by the name (it's pronounced "fool"), I ordered it because everyone else in the restaurant was, and it was the favorite appetizer at our table even though we all liked the hummus quite a lot as well.

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            parking on the street -- usually not to bad to find parking on santa monica or around the corner (near the gas station on some residential street with meters)
            I second/third the suggestion of the foul & hummus.
            Also, even my husband -- not an eggplant fan -- loves the baba ganouj

        1. Whole Foods - a little on the thick side, but you can thin it out with olive oil.

          Zankou Chicken - on Sepulveda and SaMo also sells by the pint.

          As for tabouli, I'm not sure. I make both at home, so easy.

          1. I second the recommendations for Gaby's and Sunnin. For hummus, I give a slight nod to Gaby's. I think Sunnin does better with their shawarma and other specialties like that. The tabbouleh is comparable at each.

            I also agree with the poster that said that both dishes are so easy to make at home. I think it is a 5 minute investment to make good hummus. Tabbouleh is probably not that much harder.

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              You must be more gifted than I in the kitchen. I have never been able to make hummus that tastes as good as the hummus at Sunnin. I don't think the hummus at Zankou or Whole Foods is any good.

              When I have to bring something for a potluck, I often get a big platter of hummus at Sunnin. They are well equipped for packaging large orders nicely to go on a platter that you can serve from. You can choose the platter size based on the number of anticipated guests. The platter always looks very nice - seems more party-like and festive, than just putting out a plastic container from Whole Foods or the like, although I suppose you could always tranfer the stuff from plastic or styrofoam containers to your own platter.

              1. re: omotosando

                I think the hummus at Zankou is decent, and I think their mutabul (baba ganouj) is great. But Sunnin is also good. The tabouli is decent - not my favorite ever, but good.