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Good Hummus & Tabouli on the Westside?

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I need to offer some vegetarian options at a New Year's Eve party. Hummus and Tabouli usually go over pretty well. Can anyone recommend a good supplier in the Venice, Marina, Santa Monica area? Thanks!

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  1. I like Gaby's Mediterranean, there's one on Venice by Motor and another on Washington by Pacific.

    1. Sunnin is also a good choice for great veggie appetizers -- including wonderful hummus --It is located on Westwood and Santa Monica Blvd. Trader Joes also has great hummus.

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        Don't miss the bean appetizer called foul. Don't be put off by the name (it's pronounced "fool"), I ordered it because everyone else in the restaurant was, and it was the favorite appetizer at our table even though we all liked the hummus quite a lot as well.

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            parking on the street -- usually not to bad to find parking on santa monica or around the corner (near the gas station on some residential street with meters)
            I second/third the suggestion of the foul & hummus.
            Also, even my husband -- not an eggplant fan -- loves the baba ganouj

        1. Whole Foods - a little on the thick side, but you can thin it out with olive oil.

          Zankou Chicken - on Sepulveda and SaMo also sells by the pint.

          As for tabouli, I'm not sure. I make both at home, so easy.

          1. I second the recommendations for Gaby's and Sunnin. For hummus, I give a slight nod to Gaby's. I think Sunnin does better with their shawarma and other specialties like that. The tabbouleh is comparable at each.

            I also agree with the poster that said that both dishes are so easy to make at home. I think it is a 5 minute investment to make good hummus. Tabbouleh is probably not that much harder.

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              You must be more gifted than I in the kitchen. I have never been able to make hummus that tastes as good as the hummus at Sunnin. I don't think the hummus at Zankou or Whole Foods is any good.

              When I have to bring something for a potluck, I often get a big platter of hummus at Sunnin. They are well equipped for packaging large orders nicely to go on a platter that you can serve from. You can choose the platter size based on the number of anticipated guests. The platter always looks very nice - seems more party-like and festive, than just putting out a plastic container from Whole Foods or the like, although I suppose you could always tranfer the stuff from plastic or styrofoam containers to your own platter.

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                I think the hummus at Zankou is decent, and I think their mutabul (baba ganouj) is great. But Sunnin is also good. The tabouli is decent - not my favorite ever, but good.

              1. I would recommend Sham, 716 Santa Monica blvd in SM, 310-393-2913 they have the best hummus and while you're there you should try the mouttabal (eggplant, garlic etc) and muhammara (walnuts, bread crumbs, chili, pomegranite sauce). This place is worth your while even though they can be somewhat slow.

                1. i would skip every single one of these places. anyone who has had homemade mezze or been to glendale or the valley to the better places would do themselves a favor and skip this advice. sorry, i wish it were different but places like whole foods (worst tabbouli and hummus) don't even deserve to be on this board.

                  as for making it at home you have to know what it is supposed to taste like first, how fresh.

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                    I'm Middle-Eastern and can vouch for Gaby's. I agree with you about Whole Foods!

                  2. BTW for those further south, Open Sesame in LB, Zov's in OC

                    1. King David Grill on Pico near La Cienega has really good middle eastern salads.

                      1. you may want to try cafe dahab on sawtelle, just south of santa monica blvd. the place doesn't look like much, but i found the hummus and tabouli to be surprisingly good. (they also do a nice job with lentil soup. fairly similar to the kind they have at marouch)