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Dec 19, 2006 04:28 PM

two days (and nights) in Charleston, SC

Am headed to Charleston for a couple of days between Christmas and New Year's. Have narrowed my dinner choices to the following:

Day One: Fig or Cordavi

Day Two: Il Cortile de Re, Pane e Vino, or La Fourchette

What say you, Hounds?

Also, would like to try some new lunch places. Prefer light, fresh, and fairly inexpensive. (Mount Pleasant is okay, too.)

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  1. Lunch-Jestines. Down-home great cooking. Very low-key and casual. Great prices and food.

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    1. re: Main Line Tracey

      I like Jestine's but is a bit heavier than what I usually eat for lunch. Anything lighter?

    2. Definitely La Fourchette -- you will think you are sitting at a bistro on Blvd. St Germain. But it really depends if you want French or Italian. If Italian, Pane e Vino.

      Light lunch -- Joseph's, the Marina Variety Store (which is also the best breakfast in town), Hominy Grill, Boulevard Diner (Mt. Pleasant), Fast & French, and the Mills House (which is way underrated and overlooked, as it is in a hotel).


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      1. re: DavidA

        Love Hominy Grill, esp. for lunch or breakfast. Went to Fast & French a few years back and liked that also. Where is Joseph's? And which marina has the Variety Store?

        1. re: Jeff C.

          Joseph's is on Meeting Street next to the Gibbes Museum. It is excellent (and about a dollar or two more per item than some other places, but not expensive). Plus they make beignets -- which makes any dining experience worthwhile.

          The Marina Variety Store is at the City Marina on Lockwood Boulevard (the Ashley River side). Besides the food (we are regulars there for breakfast, and the occasional lunch), it is one of two places (I don't count the lousy restaurant up by the Aquarium) you can eat on the water. The other is Fleet Landing (at the end of Cumberland Street on the Cooper River), which come to think of it, is a decent lunch place too.

          1. re: DavidA

            Got it. Thanks. I used to live in Summerville, so I know most of the places you mention. I just never made it to all them. So many great restaurants, so little time (and cash)...

          2. re: Jeff C.

            Hominy Grill has a wonderful fried chicken plate. One of the best.

          3. re: DavidA

            Love Fast and French. great little spot, great value.

          4. DEFINITELY fig. the best of the meals that we had in charleston on our honeymoon (do a search for 'charleston honeymoon post--long, and you'll see my review). totally killer. for day two-- did you consider al di la? we really enjoyed that, too. anywho... have fun--it's a great food city.

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            1. re: HeelsSoxHound

              Yeah, I'm really torn between Fig and Cordavi as I've heard both are excellent...

            2. If I did not have a meal at Jestine's before leaving town I'd really be disappointed. It's casual and delicious. If there are long lines, don't be put off -- join them.

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              1. re: jwlucas

                Jestine's is OK...not worth all of this hype. Their fried chicken and mixed berry cobbler are outstanding, but you're not in the mood for chicken and cobbler I'd skip it. For lunch I'd probably hit Cru Cafe, as it's relatively inexpensive and doesn't dissapoint. For dinners I would do Fig (over Cor Davi) and get the steak tartatre, and probably La Fourchette. La Fourchette's food is very different than Fig's, country french fare, and is perfect winter fare outside of the fact that it's almost 70 degrees today in Charleston.

              2. Cru Cafe is a great suggestion for lunch, especially if you are sticking to the Market area. The duck confit salad is a real winner. As far as Jestine's, the fried chicken, pecan whiting and meatloaf are all good -- although I would never wait on line for them. And for dessert, I don't doubt that the cobbler is good, but the CoCola (CocaCola) Cake is almost worth a wait.

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                1. re: DavidA

                  Cru Cafe is new to me. Is it actually ON Market St. or just in the Market area?