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Dec 19, 2006 04:26 PM

Burrito King in Silver Lake

Had a very tasty Machaca Burrito at the Silver Lake Burrito King on Rowena Ave. Outstanding!!! They have been there forever & worth the drive from Pasadena. The one on Sunset/Alavardo must have been sold, it was not the same, just awful. Is it true that there is only one Burrito King?

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  1. As far as I know, both the Silverlake and Sunset/Alvarado locations are still under the same owner. I've been a BK fan since back in the 70's, and my recent experience was just the reverse; the Silverlake location (within blocks of my house) has messed up orders, given me cold food, etc., while the Sunset location has never messed up for me. I think their management/quality control is WAY down at the S.L. location, though I hope to be proved wrong.
    r gould-saltman

    1. We used to live a block from this place by trader joes and thought it was one of the worst burritos in LA

      1. Their Machaca and The Chile Relleno are my FAVORITE!! :)


        1. Carne asada burrito ain't bad if you're in the Silver Lake/Atwater area and need a burrito. I'm always intrigued by their fish taco special sign, but haven't tried them yet.