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Dec 19, 2006 04:11 PM

Suba: A Brief Review

Revisited Suba after a few years and was very disappointed. Average food and poor service was my takeaway.

Amongst the tapas, the patata bravas were the highpoint. Not oily, nicely spiced with paprika (great color too!), they were perfect. Unfortunately, almost everything else disappointed. The croquetas de bacalao were chewy (how did they do that?). Appetizers, the octopus salad was ok, the accent on the viera salteada (a scallop appetizer) should have been on the air. A salad of beets was mostly green with very little red and too little manchego shredded on top. Whoever made the salad definitely did not consider it a labor of love.

The entrees were all good but nothing stood out. The braised shank of lamb (my choice) was a good piece of meat and delicious around the bone, but nothing that you can't get elsewhere (or just make at home). The lima beans accompanying the lamb were just that, cooked and tasteless. The paella valenciana which a friend ordered was disappointing (I did tell him that one does not eat paella at dinner!). The less said about the hangar steak the better. We shared the flan and the pan de calatrava for dessert, and the flan was good, the saving grace of the meal. My feeling was that the kitchen was just going through the routine of pushing the food out.

The service was awful, except at the bar where it was efficient and helpful. The bartender recommended cocktails and was helpful in picking the tapas. Our table waiter looked as if he had lost his entire family that day. Mournful, no suggestions, not a single smile, and he would disappear for hours on end between courses. We would probably have had a digestif with the dessert but, by the time he finally appeared to take our order, we just wanted to get out.

A disappointing evening on the whole.

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  1. is it worth going for the romantic atmosphere at all? i have a reservation there and at Craft for the same night. totally different - i realize - is there any reason to keep my one at suba?

    1. Haven't been to Craft but I don't think Suba is worth the expense. At least on the night I was there, it seemed that there were several "hen" parties in progress. I think the clientele may have changed. However, I shouldn't judge that based on one night, perhaps someone else has had a better recent experience.

      1. went to suba once and that was enough. moat thing is kinda cool but not great. the only thing good about the restaurant was the donut hole dessert filled with hot chocolate. i've never been to craft though...

        1. Suba use to be a cool place but I think the clientel has changed and I did hear stories about it going downhill haven't been back in many years, but I would pick Craft given the two choices.