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Dec 19, 2006 04:11 PM

Meals other than sushi in Roppongi/Shimbashi

We will be spending next week in Tokyo and have reservations at Kozue and Kaikaiya. We do want to get a broad food experience, and certainly look forward to lunches of ramen and tonkatsu. It would be great to have some other recommendations -- sukiyaki, robatayaki, etc -- within short distances of our hotel in Shiba Park -- places we could walk in for dinner without reservations. Ideas?

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  1. Didn't you ask this question last month? ( Your menu plans sound very touristy (tonkatsu, ramen, sukiyaki, robatayaki). Not very broad a food experience. To really get a taste of Japan, I agree with Robb's rec for Okinawan food and Ukai and or Daigo, for tofu, temple style also look interesting. Also, "oden" and "nabe" (hot pot) are popular cuisines during this season and shouldn't be missed. Both are more popular in Japan than sukiyaki. There's supposed to be a good oden place in Hamamatsucho called "Oden Megumi". Number is 03-3433-3332. Nabe recs you can ask a hotel concierge. Should be many. (It's pronounced "nah-bay").The streets around Hamamatsucho Station have a bunch of options and is close to Shiba Park. "Hijiritei" is supposed to be a good sake-centric izakaya in that area. Number is 03-3437-9778... Roppongi is not a close walk and is probably closer to your Park Hyatt, sukiyaki type of tourist experiences. Your post is a little confusing location-wise as Shimbashi and Roppongi are not close together and you listed Shinjuku and Shibuya restuarants for your current plans. And then said you want to walk from Shiba Park. Hope this helps...I fly there Friday- means arrive there Saturday. Yoropiku!

    1. Okinawan food is a little difficult as one of us can't eat poultry, meat, shellfish -- though it looked good to me. I will check out those places you recommend, thanks. As for current plans: we will be out and about. I was just thinking more of places to check out closer by on nights we've come back to our hotel and changed. By sukiyaki I guess I meant any hot-pot dishes -- I knew that nabe and sukiyaki have different ingredients but I didn't know they wouldn't be served at the same restaurant.

      And we do plan to check out Tofu-ya Ukai....

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        There were several vegetarian threads on here not long ago you might want to check out. Anyway, Japanese restaurants, like the Okinawan place, tend to offer a large variety of small dishes that you order and share as a group. There are plenty of vegetable or fish only ones in Okinawan cuisine...Sukiyaki is a dish and nabe-mono is a type of cuisine. Totally unrelated....The oden place (Megumi) is close to you and supposed to be good. If you go, it would be great to hear your thoughts.

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          Call ahead and make your reservation for Tofu-ya Ukai, they are booked up this time of year.