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Dec 19, 2006 04:11 PM

Italian Restaurant for a Bachelorette Party

Looking for a fun or hip Italian restaurant where a group of 8-10 girls in there 20's can go for a bachelorette party. She wants loud hip and maybe a famour person or two she said.. How is English is Italian? I was thinking some place like Giorgione but, I am not that hip.. The groups is between 8-10 girls. Thanks for you help.

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    1. Thanks Cheese,

      I had mentioned Mangia E Bevie but I think she is looking for less racuous and more scene.. I had mentioned Stanton, Buddakan, or Maritime.. Though only the place at the Maritime is Italian.

      1. It will be tough to find a "hip" Italian restaurant with a scene. You can try Da Silvano, it has the scene, but don't go for the food or service. It may be the most overrated place in the city. If the scene is important, you will probably want to expand the type of food you are willing to have.