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Dec 19, 2006 03:51 PM

chicken/ turkey sausage w/ no pork skin?

I'm dying to make some jambalaya to have around this weekend, and i really want to throw the sausage in there of course. Since my girl don't eat the cow or pig, I thought I would just substitute one of the gourmet turkey/ chicken sausages I've seen in the store.
I told the lady and she said that won't work because the skin on those sausages is pork.

What can I do to make this jambalaya happen?

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  1. so you might want to cut open the sausage and just cook it loose and then crumble it ... discard the casing.

    1. yeah - that's what she suggested. and is my backup plan. is it simply impossible to find turkey or chicekn sausage that is not in a pork casing? (I really like to char the outside of my sausage when making jambalaya)

      1. Smaller sized casings, i.e. the ones that look like breakfast casings, are lamb. Some brands are uncased, including kosher brands. You can also mix the sausage yourself.

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        1. re: JudiAU

          Best bet would be the kosher brands.

        2. Very few commercial sausages are made with real pork intestine. The vast majority is cased in a gelatin based casing because it is easier to work with, sanitize and much more consistent.

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          1. re: Kelli2006

            Actually, in my experience, most of the quality chicken and turkey sausages out there do, in fact, use pork casings (and the breakfast-sized ones use lamb casings); this is stated on the labels. Kosher sausages, obviosuly, are an exception.

          2. Thank you! I hadn't thought of that - kosher sausage!

            Now I'll be searching LA for kosher sausage on saturday!

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            1. re: mr mouther

              look for Neshama sausages they are very good and kosher -

              Also since you are in LA - you might check out on sunday (since I believe they are closed on Saturday)

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                Remember that if you are planning to shop at kosher markets, they'll be closed on Saturday in observance of the sabbath.

                Applegate farms, which scott123 mentions below, sounds like a great option, but I would advise calling individual WF and TJ's stores to see if they have it in stock before heading over, since in my experience both places can fluctuate wildly in terms of what they have on hand on a given day and in a particular store or region.