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Dec 19, 2006 03:32 PM

Where did The West Side Lounge chef go?

We heard rumors that the chef from West Side Lounge left, and a recent visit definitely indicated that things had changed for the worse.

Anybody know who he is, and where he's gone to?

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  1. Alex Jenkins was a longtime chef at WSL, though not the original one (that was Tom Tenuta, who used to chef at Cena, if anyone remembers that place). Last I saw, he was the opening exec chef at dbar in Dorchester -- I liked his food a lot when he was there -- but the current exec chef there is Chris Coombs.

    1. Alex Jenkins is not a "he." alex jenkins is a "she." Tom Tenuta is owner/chef at The Village Oven in West Stockbridge.

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        Oops, apologies to Alex -- I don't spend much time back in the kitchens of places I dine at. To the OP's question, do you happen to know where she ended up?