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Big Mac's 2 for $3 in So Cal?

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Anybody know of any MacDonalds in the Southern California area that has the 2 for $3 Big Mac Deals.

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  1. Its up to the individual McDonalds. Look for the signs in the windows. One by my husband's work has had $1 Fish Fridays all year, none of the others near our house or any nearby cities in the (SD) county have. I've looked... his work is 22 miles from our house.

    I can only guess what you mean by Southern California.

    1. my once-in-a-while favorite deal is the Mickey D's on Figueroa just north of the 5, who do $1 Big Macs every night after midnight (probably till 6 am). the things usually taste better about that time of night, anyway...

      1. I recall seeing several ads for this deal in the SGV.