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nice place for a drink - rhode island east bay?

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I'm meeting a friend after work tomorrow for a drink and maybe dinner, and want to find somewhere between my job in Providence and hers in Bristol. Any ideas? I can't think of anywhere in Barrington, so are the Water Street restaurants in Warren our best bet?

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  1. There is a restaurant in Barrington called Chiazza (italian), I hear it is good although, I have never been there, they have a website, www.chiazzabarrington.com, it is on Wamponaug Trail, next to the Newport Creamery. In Warren, there is Crossroads Pub, good food (american cuisine) and atmosphere, it is off of Route 103. There is also a quite new restaurant on Water Street called Stella Blues. Appetizers were really good nice atmosphere, small and quaint. Have fun.

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      Thanks - think we'll try Stella Blues. I appreciate it!

    2. nat porter in warren is pretty good too

      1. Aidan's in Bristol. Irish pub with great local feel and good food.