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Dec 19, 2006 03:06 PM

Christmas Day Dining - Dallas

Are there any good places to dine the evening of the 25th? I looked on the DMN Guide, but all that was listed were hotel restaurants.

And, I KNOW there are other places scheduled to be open that haven't sent in their info. to the Guide. (For example, I was at Toulouse over the weekend and they had a sign up saying they would be open the 24th and the 25th.) Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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  1. Check back at It looks like they are updating every few days and there are now some more non-hotel restaurants up.

    1. We've had Christmas Day brunch several times at St. Martin's on Lower Greenville.
      For nights, is showing Canary Cafe Mediterranean Steak & Seafood, Addison, TX from 5p.
      Last year there were more restaurants serving Christmas Night dinner listed in .. give it another few days and check back into the site.

        1. "The 10 Best Christmas Dinners" according to the City of Ate.