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Dec 19, 2006 02:56 PM

Nice lunch near AleWife: Arlington,Mass Ave, Harvard Sq

Taking 2 admin assistants out for a Christmas lunch.
Looking for a rec for good food over atmosphere, but still a nice atmosphere. One is a vegetarian.

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    1. Greek Corner on Mass. Ave. in North Cambridge has a number of good dishes, including some vegetarian options (grape leaves, spinach pie, falafel, etc.).

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      1. re: hiddenboston

        Not good, in my opinion, for taking out staff to a nice lunch. It's a nice family place with so-so food and a homey atmosphere. Very good for a don't-want-to-cook-at-home-but-please-make-it-simple dinner, but not for a Christmas lunch.

      2. If it's true that Za is open for lunch now, I think that should be your choice -- it's awesome. It's on Mass Ave just into Arlington -- and the 79 bus from Alewife goes right in front of it.

        1. In Arlington, I'd go for Za for gourmet-type pizza, or Scutra for a little more upscale place. In Harvard, Upstairs on the Square or Casablanca (just had the most intensely good short ribs there).

          1. I'm pretty sure Za isn't open for lunch (doublecheck tho); i doubt Scutra would be either

            What about Marino's for lunch buffet (on Mass Ave)
            Orleans in Davis
            Namaskar in Davis

            In Belmont Center (not too far):
            Patou Thai
            Stone Hearth Pizza Kitchen

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                Scutra also is open 11:30 to 2:30. Belmont's a good suggestion - in addition to Patou Thai, I like Kashish for Indian.